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Q My six-year-old daugh­ter has started los­ing her milk teeth. But be­fore the tooth falls, her new tooth emerges be­hind the milk tooth. This hap­pened with her lower left cen­tral and now it is hap­pen­ing with the lower right cen­tral too. Is this go­ing to cause her prob­lems?

AThis con­di­tion of the per­ma­nent teeth erupt­ing be­hind the baby teeth is fairly com­mon.

The per­ma­nent tooth nor­mally erupts be­low the baby tooth and as it erupts, it re­sorbs the roots of the baby tooth, which be­comes loose and even­tu­ally fall out. But in some cases, the per­ma­nent tooth erupts be­hind the baby tooth and thus the root of the baby tooth are not re­sorbed, giv­ing the ap­pear­ance of two rows of teeth. Check if the baby tooth is shaky and en­cour­age your child to wig­gle it un­til it comes off. If the tooth is firm, you may have to get it re­moved.

Usu­ally the per­ma­nent tooth moves for­ward, due to tongue pres­sure, into the cor­rect place. If there is crowd­ing, this might not hap­pen and orthodon­tic treat­ment may be needed.

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