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Guilt, I think, is the mother of all our prob­lems. OK, I’m ex­ag­ger­at­ing – for most of our prob­lems. A dark thought, it re­sides in the crevices of our sub­con­scious, sur­fac­ing ev­ery time we’re torn be­tween what is pri­or­ity and what is ur­gent. And while we bat­tle the dilemma, this sneaky dark sliver of a thought grows into a claus­tro­pho­bic mon­ster that takes over all our wak­ing mo­ments. Be­fore we re­alise it, we are not just dis­ap­pointed with our de­ci­sions, but with our­selves as well.

In our ef­forts to keep a tight leash on this mon­ster we tend to stretch our­selves too thin, and even­tu­ally what hap­pens is what we talk about in the fea­ture on page 34 – burnout. An off­spring of guilt, burnout too sneaks up on us, catch­ing us un­awares. We de­velop a short fuse, our col­leagues and fam­ily

A dark thought, GUILT re­sides in the CREVICES of our sub­con­scious, sur­fac­ing ev­ery time we are TORN be­tween what is pri­or­ity and what is ur­gent. And while we bat­tle the dilemma, it grows into a MON­STER

start com­plain­ing about us be­ing im­pa­tient, and the frayed nerves lead to an over­all sense of in­ep­ti­tude. All in all, we don’t like what we see in the mir­ror.

Ac­cord­ing to ex­perts, the best way to nip it in the bud is to first ac­knowl­edge the fact that we are a vic­tim, and then be con­scious of it ev­ery time we say yes to a re­quest or reach for our phone the mo­ment it beeps. My ex­pert ad­vice? Keep it sim­ple. I know it’s eas­ier said than done, but in to­day’s times when we are ex­pected to be su­per­men or women 24/7, we tend to lose fo­cus of what and who mat­ters most. That is the be­gin­ning of the end, I feel.

And who­ever said mul­ti­task­ing is oh-so-easy should be pros­e­cuted for slan­der!

Mri­nal Shekar Deputy Edi­tor

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