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While do­ing what I love do­ing most – that is, watch TV – I was left dumb­struck by a line. ‘Most of us don’t know when our child­hood ends. It goes lit­tle by lit­tle as we grow up and then one day we wake up to re­alise it’s been gone for years.’ It set the wheels of re­flec­tion rolling – my sec­ond-most favourite ac­tiv­ity – and soon I felt that is the sad truth of all our lives. I be­gan to ask my­self: what are we as adults? Wilted flow­ers that have lost their fra­grance, or mere shells of our care­free imag­i­na­tion? That line of self-ques­tion­ing dis­turbed me even more as I al­most ven­tured into the slip­pery ter­ri­tory of self-flag­el­la­tion. So I changed track in my head and de­cided to es­cape into my world of fan­tasies – my third-most favourite ac­tiv­ity.

What would I do if I got my hands on the reg­u­la­tor to the time ma­chine we call

What would I do if I got my hands on the reg­u­la­tor to the TIME ma­chine we call the COS­MIC clock? I’d turn it down a few notches. We’d have a pro­longed child­hood, plus be able to watch life un­fold in SLOW MO­TION

the cos­mic clock? I would turn it down a few notches. Apart from the fact that we would then have a pro­longed child­hood, it would give us the op­por­tu­nity to watch life un­fold in slow mo­tion. Ap­pre­ci­ate and ac­knowl­edge ev­ery lit­tle de­tail that makes the larger picture we call Present, or Now. Plus who’s in a hurry to know what lies in the un­known fu­ture? Not me.

An ex­pert in the fea­ture ‘Have you put your life on hold?’ on page 26 says, and I quote, ‘we put things away for the fu­ture, be­liev­ing that one day ev­ery­thing will work out right, or we’ll have ev­ery­thing we want and that’s when we’ll be happy.’ Post­pon­ing hap­pi­ness to a fu­ture that we can­not de­ter­mine only cre­ates a life filled with re­gret and re­morse. So as I de­cide to stop dwelling in the past or ru­mi­nat­ing about the fu­ture and think of how to live in the now, I felt like in­dulging in my fourth-favourite ac­tiv­ity – pro­cras­ti­nate… just a lit­tle bit.

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