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re­cently suf­fered a fall. No bones were broken but what was frac­tured was my ego. As I sat won­der­ing what the cure could be for the con­stant nag­ging pain in my heart, I was re­minded of what my fa­ther al­ways pre­scribes in a sit­u­a­tion like this. Have courage, he’ll say. Now, I’ve tried telling him that is easy for him to say as he has a ready reser­voir, but it’s not pos­si­ble for me. Since my well of for­ti­tude was a bit dry, I had to scam­per around look­ing for a source that I could eas­ily tap into. This time I did not have to go far.

While read­ing about the tri­umphs of the four women who sur­vived breast can­cer on page 30, I re­alised that courage is one virtue that these women have in am­ple sup­ply. What is their se­cret, I won­dered? How did they man­age to build this ar­moury of met­tle that has clearly helped them win their bat­tles against so many fears and anx­i­eties?

Cindy Do­bratz de­cided to close her mind’s doors to all the toxic neg­a­tiv­ity that nor­mally floods in when you’re given bad news of this mag­ni­tude, and in­stead stay

My well of for­ti­tude was DRY, so I had to scam­per around for a source to tap into. I found it while read­ing about the TRI­UMPHS of breast can­cer SUR­VIVORS. Courage is one virtue these women have in am­ple sup­ply

cen­tred on sheer pos­i­tiv­ity. Muskan Mit­tal de­cided to em­brace the tragic news by call­ing it a gift that helped her re­set her pri­or­i­ties and learn to fo­cus on the now.

As I bor­rowed heav­ily from these su­per­heroes of re­solve, I re­alised the key lies in do­ing an au­dit of my strong points. By tak­ing ac­count of my per­son­al­ity as­sets and the strong sup­port sys­tem I en­joy, I was not only able to re­build my broken con­fi­dence but rein in the un­cer­tain­ties that plagued me. And then there is hope… the peren­nial saviour.

Un­til next week,

Mri­nal Shekar Deputy Ed­i­tor

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