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en are fi­nally catch­ing up. No, I’m not claim­ing that I be­long to the en­dan­gered tribe of diehard fem­i­nists, but I’m merely mak­ing an ob­ser­va­tion af­ter read­ing the fea­ture ‘The rise of the alta male’ on page 20. To give you a syn­op­sis of what the fea­ture is about, it – as the ti­tle sug­gests – talks of a new kind of man known as an alta male. An im­proved ver­sion of the al­pha male, so­cial sci­en­tists say it is that ‘el­e­vated’ breed that has a high emo­tional in­tel­li­gence, so is not re­luc­tant to ar­tic­u­late what his fam­ily, friends and re­la­tion­ships mean to him, is hon­est about his fears and fail­ures, is happy to choose chang­ing nap­pies over well-pay­ing jobs, and most im­por­tant of all, does not feel in­se­cure when his wife gets a pay cheque that has more ze­roes than his. Ap­par­ently it’s time to write an obit­u­ary for the leg­endary male ego.

Now as I ap­plaud the rise of this im­proved ver­sion of the New Age man, I also say, about time. For decades, a con­stant sense of guilt has plagued women, es­pe­cially in their strug­gle to find a work-life bal­ance. Bat­tling work dead­lines, ex­pec­ta­tions of those around them, and above all, stereo­types, women have not only faced vil­i­fi­ca­tion from con­ser­va­tive patriarchal so­ci­eties but have had to prove their worth to the sis­ter­hood that is peren­ni­ally di­vided over women’s role in the so­cial equa­tion.

With men get­ting into the ring now, I won­der if they are ready to face the same in­sti­tu­tion­alised opin­ions on gen­der roles. And how come there are no fancy terms coined for women ex­alt­ing their roles in so­ci­ety?

Un­til next week,

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