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t’s usu­ally around 2pm or 3pm when the feel­ing hits me. It’s only ever on a Fri­day, and I might be driv­ing down a pretty street – Jumeirah Beach Road, say – or hav­ing a chat with a friend. I might (on rare oc­ca­sions) be do­ing the iron­ing and watch­ing catch-up TV.

It’s the feel­ing when I re­alise that most of the week­end still stretches out ahead of me, and it’s full of pos­si­bil­ity. I could do so many things – or noth­ing at all, if that lux­ury ex­ists. (Sorry, iron­ing.) I would have thought I was alone in this weekly day­dream if it wasn’t for the Fri­day when I had a friend – one who al­ways, al­ways ends up do­ing work on the week­end – in the pas­sen­ger seat of my car.

‘This mo­ment is my favourite one of the week­end,’ she said, turn­ing to me. ‘There’s so much we can still do.’ She didn’t mean spread­sheets. She prob­a­bly meant gua­camole. What does it mean to you? What are those pos­si­bil­i­ties? As your new edi­tor of Fri­day, that’s what my team and I aim to ex­plore ev­ery week, shar­ing not only our own in­sights into life in the UAE, but yours, too. Each week, we’ll be ask­ing you to tell us your thoughts on a wide range of

What does a Fri­day mean to you? As your NEW edi­tor of Fri­day, that’s what my TEAM and I aim to EX­PLORE ev­ery week, SHAR­ING not only our OWN IN­SIGHTS into LIFE in the UAE, but YOURS, too

top­ics – whether it’s the best ad­vice you got from a par­ent, the most mag­i­cal mo­ment of your wed­ding or what you had for lunch. (Gua­camole, maybe? We want the recipe!)

You know there’s a lot more to the UAE than brunch list­ings, and so do we. Ex­pect to hear about – and be in­vited to – events you’ll re­ally want to at­tend, and learn about food trends that you can dis­cuss or even cook your­self, we’ll show you how. See clothes you can ac­tu­ally wear to work and play; find travel des­ti­na­tions to make you dream; and get an­swers to the is­sues that are on your mind. We hope, along the way, you’ll be in­spired by the peo­ple who are do­ing the things that make the UAE what it is – full of pos­si­bil­ity, ever-grow­ing, un­pre­dictable, daz­zling, and, sim­ply, home.

Natalie Long Edi­tor nlong@gulfnews.com

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