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If cin­e­mas have a spe­cial cu­bi­cle for those with small kids, it would be use­ful for peo­ple like me. Also, it won’t be a nui­sance to oth­ers when kids start cry­ing. Farasha Jab­bar Some sort of a child-friendly ar­range­ment where cou­ples with chil­dren can at­tend and not ruin oth­ers’ ex­pe­ri­ence. Zainub An op­tion to or­der snacks from your seat with an in­di­ca­tion to pick them up once they’re ready! Mas­sage chairs would be nice too. Priyanka Wade Wider screens and bet­ter acous­tics would be wel­come. And what bet­ter way to watch a movie than un­in­ter­rupted – no nasty freezes, no glitches, no phones ring­ing and quiet kids. Ivy Soares I find the price of movie tick­ets is very high. While some movies are worth the price, oth­ers are not. The cost of the ticket should de­pend upon the movie rat­ing and qual­ity. I also think com­mer­cials should be stopped. Af­ter all, we are spend­ing money to see the movie ex­clu­sively. Also, peo­ple should be warned not to talk or use phones dur­ing the movie. Rose Philip A proper tem­per­a­ture-con­trolled en­vi­ron­ment would make for a pleas­ant ex­pe­ri­ence in a the­atre. Of­ten, the tem­per­a­ture is very low, mak­ing it ex­tremely un­com­fort­able. I, in fact, make it a point to carry a jacket when­ever I go for a movie. A lit­tle care from the man­age­ment would not only leave the au­di­ence com­fort­able but also save the the­atre en­ergy costs. Han­nah Marie James It’s time cin­e­mas stop tak­ing the au­di­ence to be ‘sit­ting ducks’, shoot­ing all their ad­ver­tise­ments at those who have no choice but to go through the ex­pe­ri­ence. I would be happy to look at the ads, pro­vided it was a choice I made. In re­al­ity my love for the movie is like bait that is used against me to not only charge me a de­cent sum of money (we are a fam­ily of four) but also to lead me into watch­ing ads with­out any no­tice or in­cen­tive.

I would re­ally ap­pre­ci­ate it if the the­atres be­gan to in­di­cate what time movies ac­tu­ally start so that the au­di­ence can make an in­formed choice. They can be in­cen­tivised to watch com­mer­cials by of­fer­ing them a free tub of pop­corn or a soft drink, de­pend­ing on the num­ber of com­mer­cials they sign up for! Anil Ge­orge My dream cin­ema would have a su­per­vised play area/ac­tiv­ity cen­tre on the premises so par­ents could drop off the kids there and en­joy the movie, rest­ing as­sured that their kids are close at hand and safe. Also, it would be neat if we could or­der movie snacks from our seats and have it de­liv­ered to us with­out hav­ing to go to the food counter; some­thing like those re­mote­type de­vices we find in air­planes, only these would have food and drink op­tions in­stead. Ali­fiya Sehrawala

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