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1. Find a project and work on it over a long pe­riod of time. Spend time on it, learn about it, see new things, have dif­fer­ent ex­pe­ri­ences, find a theme or a fo­cus that is more in­ter­est­ing. Be an ex­plorer. 2. Learn your mar­kets. If you want to pub­lish, find out which mag­a­zines or sites would use your pho­tos. Will they pay? Look at print and on­line mag­a­zines, news­pa­pers and web­sites of ev­ery­thing from ra­dio to TV to net­works and vis­ual sites. What do they use? Have they pub­lished a sim­i­lar story re­cently? If you want to ex­hibit, you have to learn about the art world. 3. Be pa­tient. The best stuff hap­pens when you prac­tise pa­tience and have a true deep in­ter­est in some­thing. If you don’t spend time, your work will re­main su­per­fi­cial and you won’t achieve any­thing new or dif­fer­ent. 4. Learn about the busi­ness. Ex­am­ine con­tracts care­fully. Don’t be afraid to ask about bud­gets. What will your pay cover, is it a fee or do you pay your ex­penses? What us­age does the pay cover? 5. Be kind, be gen­er­ous. You don’t have to give your ideas away, and you shouldn’t, but this is a very com­pet­i­tive busi­ness and those who show grace through­out their ca­reers last much longer. Be will­ing to lis­ten and be easy to work with. Don’t let your ego take over when you have suc­cesses. Un­der­stand that picture edi­tors are the un­sung he­roes of the publishing world. They de­ter­mine our suc­cess and they do bat­tle for our work. Re­spect them.

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