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11 Artist noted for de­pic­tions of sport­ing life, horses, ex­otic an­i­mals and con­ver­sa­tion pieces, such as Whistle­jacket, Horse At­tacked by a Lion and The Prince of Wales’s Phaeton (6) 12 Col­lec­tion of po­ems by Sylvia Plath; a sprite in The Tem­pest; or, a char­ac­ter in The Lit­tle Mer­maid (5) 13 Fra­grant wild flower form­ing vi­o­let­coloured car­pets in an­cient wood­lands dur­ing spring, of­ten with a Span­ish and hy­brid va­ri­ety (8) 14 Tus­can cap­i­tal and World Her­itage Site, lo­ca­tion of the Re­nais­sance Palazzo Pitti and the Boboli Gar­dens (8) 15 Lawn game played with mal­lets and hoops that was pop­u­larised in the UK by John Jaques when he “pack­aged” the game with sets of rules in the 1850s (7) 16 Short­ened term for the trade­name of a form of widescreen cin­e­matog­ra­phy that draws the au­di­ence as close to re­al­ity as pos­si­ble (4) 17 Crumbly cheese that can be pre­pared at home with whole milk and lemon juice, of­ten served in clas­sic In­dian dishes con­tain­ing spinach, peas, etc (6) 19 Mar­garet Thatcher’s nick­name (4,4) 21 Ex­tend­ing through Ar­gentina, Bo­livia, Chile, Colom­bia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, the world’s long­est con­ti­nen­tal moun­tain range (5) 23 _____ ___, Jeeves!, ti­tle of a novel by PG Wode­house; or, a 1936 film star­ring Arthur Treacher and David Niven (5,3) 25 Ro­man god­dess of wis­dom and crafts, of­ten de­picted with a lit­tle owl (7) 27 Team sport played on horse­back, de­picted in a novel by Jilly Cooper with char­ac­ters in­clud­ing Ricky France-Lynch and Perdita Ma­cLeod (4) 29 English name of the char­ac­ter Milou in Hergé’s The Ad­ven­tures of Tintin (5) 31 The large shooter mar­bles in a game of mar­bles (4) 33 The __________; lake in Hyde Park that hosted the triathlon and marathon swim­ming events at Lon­don 2012 (10) 35 Re­gion spread across In­dia and Bangladesh fa­mous for its man­grove forests; home of the Royal Ben­gal tiger and es­tu­ar­ine croc­o­dile (10) 37 Herb with a flavour sim­i­lar to anise and fen­nel, used to flavour gravlax, pick­led gherkins or sal­mon en pa­pil­lote (4) 38 Suit in a pack of cards de­noted by a black tre­foil; or, ob­jects used in the game with a name once sup­posed to mean “gen­tle­men only, ladies for­bid­den” (5) 40 Dish with re­gional va­ri­eties in­clud­ing cas­soulet, daube, goulash, rata­touille and tagine (4) 41 Ital­ian city on the Po, best known for its vi­o­lin-mak­ing tra­di­tions and the Amati, Guarneri and Stradi­vari fam­i­lies (7) 42 Orig­i­nal name of a cricket ground in the vil­lage of West End in Hamp­shire; or, a type of vase of­ten with a per­fo­rated lid or “frog” (4,4) 44 A type of botan­i­cal in­flo­res­cence; a va­ri­ety of laven­der; or, the nick­name of Ter­ence Alan Mil­li­gan (5) 47 1995 film star­ring Ali­cia Sil­ver­stone (8) 49 Ar­chi­pel­ago in­clud­ing the is­lands of São

Miguel, Pico and Flores; an au­ton­o­mous re­gion of Por­tu­gal (6) 52 King of Mer­cia who or­gan­ised the con­struc­tion of an earth­work be­tween Eng­land and Wales (4) 53 Ac­tor, au­thor and play­wright who wrote the screen­play to the film based on his life The Lady in the Van (7) 55 Mytho­log­i­cal Greek shep­herd loved by the moon god­dess Se­lene (8) 57 Noc­tur­nal bird vis­it­ing the UK dur­ing the sum­mer months; the male of which has a loud “chur­ring” call con­tain­ing around 1,900 notes per minute (8) 58 Byker _____; teen drama that starred PJ and Dun­can (aka, Ant and Dec) (5) 59 Cloud form­ing in “mare’s tails” (6)


1 First name of Paul and Linda Mc­Cart­ney’s fash­ion de­signer daugh­ter (6) 2 Scot­tish city where gran­ite was sourced to build parts of the Houses of Par­lia­ment and Water­loo Bridge (8) 3 Acro­nym for the name of the unique num­ber as­signed to all books prior to pub­li­ca­tion (1,1,1,1) 4 Body of wa­ter be­tween the Congo and Rwanda be­lieved to be set to ex­plode (4,4) 5 Me­tal used to make vin­tage-style gar­den pots and planters (4) 6 Story col­lec­tion by Ruth Ren­dell (10) 7 Theatre of the ______; form of drama as­so­ci­ated with Sa­muel Beck­ett, Eugène Ionesco and Harold Pin­ter (6) 8 In ge­ol­ogy, term for a group of min­er­als, es­pe­cially ig­neous rocks (5) 9 Au­thor of The Coun­try Girls, Down by the River and Wild De­cem­bers (1’5) 10 The Of­fi­cial ______ Ranger Hand­book; book by Peter York and Ann Barr (6) 18 Nov­el­ist who wrote Good Morn­ing, Mid­night and Wide Sar­gasso Sea (4) 20 Ac­tor who starred as Gaff in Ri­d­ley Scott’s film Blade Run­ner (5) 22 First name of the son of Mary, Queen of Scots who suc­ceeded El­iz­a­beth I (5) 24 Nick­named le Blaireau (or, the badger), French cy­clist who won the Tour de France five times (7) 26 Of or re­lat­ing to the coun­try­side (5) 27 Seg­ment of the corolla of a flower (5) 28 Weapon writ­ten about by Roger Ascham in his book Tox­ophilus (7) 30 Last word of a para­graph car­ried over to the next page or col­umn, con­sid­ered un­de­sir­able in print­ing (5) 32 Sea­weed used in Ja­panese cook­ery (5) 34 First name of the girl who helped res­cue sur­vivors from the ship­wrecked For­farshire in 1838 with her light­house­keeper father Wil­liam Dar­ling (5) 36 Pre­his­toric mon­u­ment in Wilt­shire (10) 37 The male of the duck (5) 39 Largest con­ti­nent; or, an Oceanid (4) 42 Cock­ney rhyming slang for tea (5,3) 43 Strip placed inside an item read/col­lected by a bib­lio­phile; or, the elec­tronic equiv­a­lent for a web page (8) 45 Species of seabird in the auk fam­ily, used as the sym­bol of the chil­dren’s im­print of Pen­guin Books (6) 46 Cur­rency of Zam­bia and Malawi (6) 48 One- ______; jokes de­liv­ered in a sen­tence (6) 50 Bob Mar­ley and the Wail­ers al­bum (6) 51 The cap­i­tal city of Nige­ria (5) 54 Ham­mer-wield­ing Norse thunder god af­ter whom Thurs­day was named (4) 56 The ____ Man; novel by Luke Rhine­hart (4) Solutions will be given next week. The last date for en­try is Fe­bru­ary 7. The win­ner of this crossword will be an­nounced on Fe­bru­ary 17. The win­ner of the Jan­uary 20 is Hares She­hab from Dubai.

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