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Fotana for Lips ‘Once upon a time it used to be that if you wanted fuller lips, the only way was to have fillers,’ says Rebecca Tre­ston, of Rebecca Tre­ston Aes­thet­ics at Euromed Clinic Dubai. ‘But this quick and easy treat­ment is pain-free and has no down­time. In less time than your lunch hour, your lips will look fuller and more youth­ful.’

It in­volves a se­ries of tar­geted heat pulses into the mu­cosa of the lips, which trig­gers a col­la­gen re­ac­tion to give a fuller look. Lips don’t lose their nat­u­ral shape, but be­come more plump and en­hanced. It takes a few months post-treat­ment to re­ally no­tice an op­ti­mum ef­fect, al­though it can be a lit­tle sooner. The clinic rec­om­mends a min­i­mum of three ses­sions and a max­i­mum of six, spaced one month apart so the col­la­gen has time to grow. Dh850. Call 04 394 5422.

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