What does 2017 hold for you, ro­man­ti­cally? Fri­day asked as­trologer Shel­ley von Strunckel to check the signs

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Shel­ley von Strunckel pre­dicts what’s in store for you – ro­man­ti­cally.


If there’s one word that de­scribes the Aries ap­proach to ro­mance, it’s pas­sion. Al­though Aries has a pow­er­ful in­stinct for cre­at­ing a life that al­lows for that pas­sion, find­ing, lov­ing and living with a part­ner is an­other mat­ter. This may be why so many Aries are with other Aries – they’ve an un­der­stand­ing of each other’s ob­ses­sions and thrive on the re­sult­ing in­ten­sity. If you’re an Aries look­ing for love, you’re lucky, as boun­ti­ful Jupiter is po­si­tioned on the re­la­tion­ship por­tion of your chart. Whether you’re part of a cou­ple or look­ing, this means it’s time to broaden your hori­zons, ei­ther to meet Mr or Ms Right or to add some spice to your ex­ist­ing re­la­tion­ship. Ro­man­tic tip: Each day, set aside a few min­utes for a one-to-one catch up.


Be­ing ruled by Venus, the planet of love – and lux­ury – Tau­re­ans don’t have to be told how to live, or love, well; they’ve an in­stinct for beauty. This isn’t about a ‘de­signer’ life but get­ting the best from each mo­ment, whether dat­ing, cre­at­ing a new home or be­ing part of a fam­ily. If there’s any chal­lenge, it’s Taurus’s ten­dency to get stuck in a rou­tine. 2017 is the year to break away from the pre­dictable and add that miss­ing excitement to life. This could mean ven­tur­ing out into new ter­ri­tory, whether din­ing at a new restau­rant, or try­ing an un­fa­mil­iar cui­sine or hol­i­day­ing in an un­fa­mil­iar set­ting. These seem­ingly mi­nor changes can have mirac­u­lous re­sults. Ro­man­tic tip: Taurus, don’t ex­pect part­ners to in­stinc­tively know your de­sires – tell them.


Those who love Gem­i­nis are in for an ad­ven­ture. Be­tween their zest for life and in­quis­i­tive na­ture, each day of­fers some­thing new. Most born un­der this in­quis­i­tive sign have tried, and failed at, ro­mances with some­body who seemed ex­cit­ing, only to dis­cover that bliss comes when sta­bil­ity is com­bined with pas­sion. A long-term al­liance teaches Gemini the re­wards of con­sis­tency. This, in turn, re­sults in ca­reer growth, boosts health and a sense of well-be­ing and, most of all, height­ens the ca­pac­ity to en­joy life it­self. This is es­pe­cially the case in 2017. Ev­ery effort made to cre­ate or sus­tain a re­la­tion­ship now will bring ben­e­fits for years to come. Ro­man­tic tip: Busy as life is, en­sure there’s time to catch up on what’s hap­pen­ing.


Al­though Cance­ri­ans of­ten view re­la­tion­ships as be­ing about fam­ily, lifestyle or achiev­ing goals to­gether, their depth of feel­ings and trust is cen­tral. While this may not be a topic for reg­u­lar dis­cus­sion, those clos­est to Cance­ri­ans will, over time, re­alise that what’s un­spo­ken is of­ten of great­est sig­nif­i­cance. This sign, ruled by the Moon, links to na­ture’s cy­cles, and is about growth – from cre­at­ing a home and fam­ily, to a happy lifestyle and busi­ness. Pas­sion plays a vi­tal role in achiev­ing those goals. It is cru­cial that those ac­tiv­i­ties don’t steal time from cosy mo­ments with part­ners and fam­ily. Main­tain­ing balance is the key to hap­pi­ness. Ro­man­tic tip: Com­plaints? Make time to dis­cuss them, then fo­cus on love and life’s joys.


Leos are in love with life and with ro­mance, which means those in­volved with this sign had best be pre­pared for drama. What­ever the line of work or fi­nan­cial sit­u­a­tion, Leos know how to cre­ate magic in ev­ery­day life, es­pe­cially when in love. Sus­tain­ing that re­quires jug­gling, es­pe­cially if the Leo prefers to ig­nore life’s prac­ti­cal­i­ties, as some do. Plus, there’s that pow­er­ful stub­born streak, which can re­quire se­ri­ous tact on the part of part­ners. Achieve a balance, and life can be magic. What’s more, with boun­ti­ful Jupiter ac­cent­ing growth for Leos in 2017, un­ex­pected en­coun­ters and of­fers could add to that magic. Ro­man­tic tip: Dine or travel to some­where new at least once a month.


Few signs care more about their loved ones than Virgo; their prac­ti­cal side is con­stantly think­ing about how to help them, of­ten dis­creetly. This sen­sual earth sign adores cre­at­ing ro­man­tic mo­ments that will lead to spe­cial times to­gether. Bizarrely, how­ever, dis­cus­sions can drift off to anal­y­sis of sit­u­a­tions and some­times, an overly in­tense fo­cus on prob­lems. They need to be bal­anced with time in­vested in the sim­ple joys of be­ing to­gether. This is es­pe­cially cru­cial dur­ing 2017, with boun­ti­ful Jupiter ac­cent­ing ex­actly such mat­ters. While achiev­ing a balance be­tween life’s du­ties and plea­sures can take time, the re­sults more than jus­tify the effort re­quired. Ro­man­tic tip: Put ‘to­gether time’ in the diary and en­sure that date is kept.


Libra’s sym­bol is twin scales sig­ni­fy­ing balance, which truly de­picts the Libra ap­proach to life and re­la­tion­ships. Li­bras view ev­ery va­ri­ety of al­liance as an art. Thus, those close to Libra ben­e­fit from their re­flec­tion, anal­y­sis and cre­ative think­ing. This es­pe­cially ap­plies to those loved by Libra. But, of­ten, Mr or Ms Libra will share few of those thoughts. The trick, for Li­bras and those clos­est, there­fore, is to chat about ex­actly those mat­ters. This va­ri­ety of ‘heart-to-heart’ con­ver­sa­tion elim­i­nates wor­ries, shift­ing the fo­cus to the va­ri­ety of un­der­stand­ing and har­mony that Libra dreams of. It cre­ates magic for those they care about most. Ro­man­tic tip: For­tu­nate, ex­pan­sive Jupiter, po­si­tioned in Libra, says ex­plore new set­tings.


It’s ironic that, of­ten, even those clos­est to Scorpio are un­aware of their ca­pac­ity for deep af­fec­tion and un­shake­able loy­alty. That’s be­cause Scorpio is also per­haps the most pri­vate sign of the zo­diac, so sim­ply won’t even men­tion their in­ner­most feel­ings or, of­ten, more ev­ery­day ideas, plans or ven­tures. Those clos­est to Scor­pios must rely on, first, ac­tions that re­veal their en­dur­ing loy­alty and, sec­ond, in­stincts that con­firm this deep com­mit­ment. Since pas­sion is one of Scorpio’s most re­mark­able char­ac­ter­is­tics, the Scorpio re­la­tion­ship grows in trust over time and be­comes a pre­cious jewel, val­ued deeply by those who share it. Ro­man­tic tip: Re­as­sur­ing as habits are, break them and do some­thing ad­ven­tur­ous.


Be­ing one of the three fire signs, life is fun sim­ply be­cause, to a Sagittarius, it’s meant to be lived well. Ide­ally, each day is an ad­ven­ture, with some­thing new to learn, do or en­counter. While some thrive on this need for con­stant ac­tiv­ity, if not change, many tend to worry or will try to slow down the pace. The trick is ei­ther to en­joy the swift pace, or, if you’re feel­ing over­whelmed, to cheer those ac­tiv­i­ties from the side­lines. Achiev­ing and sus­tain­ing this balance is vi­tal from a prac­ti­cal an­gle, but also keeps the pas­sion for life and love alive. Once that flame is burn­ing, it will keep Mr or Ms Sag, and their loved ones, warm for years to come. Ro­man­tic tip: Vi­tal as be­ing out and about is, sched­ule time for a reg­u­lar, in­ti­mate, catch-up.

CAPRICORN De­cem­ber 21 – Jan­uary 18

While, of­ten, Capri­corns will go through a range of fun, if not out­ra­geous, ro­mances be­fore they set­tle down, when it comes to link­ing up for good, few signs are more cau­tious about their choice. Be­ing an earth sign, care­ful at­ten­tion is paid to prac­ti­cal mat­ters but, equally, to life’s plea­sures, which also take prece­dence. This is about weigh­ing up what’s best. Those who link up with a Capricorn soon re­alise that any pas­sion is ac­com­pa­nied by a thought­ful ap­proach to pri­or­i­ties. It can, at times, fall on their part­ner to re­mind Mr or Ms Capricorn that life is as much about deep, ro­man­tic, feel­ings as pro­vid­ing for life’s more tan­gi­ble plea­sures. Ro­man­tic tip: Do some­thing out of char­ac­ter, if not just plain crazy. And do it reg­u­larly.


Aquarius, as one of the most free­dom-lov­ing signs, of­ten cre­ates what might be termed ‘al­ter­na­tive re­la­tion­ships’. That con­nec­tion might be with some­body in an­other coun­try or one who’s away a great deal or, if in the same place, their mo­ments of to­geth­er­ness will be mixed with in­di­vid­ual ac­tiv­i­ties or friend­ships. Aquar­i­ans thrive on new ideas, meet­ing new peo­ple and ven­tur­ing into new ter­ri­tory. Yet, at their core, there’s a deep need for the sta­bil­ity that comes with be­ing close to that spe­cial per­son. Ro­mance means shared ideas and ac­tiv­i­ties, some of which be­come a tradition, a reg­u­lar place for hol­i­days, that spe­cial ‘birth­day’ restau­rant. Ro­man­tic tip: It’s time to ex­plore and ven­ture into un­fa­mil­iar ter­ri­tory.


Pisces isn’t just the most ro­man­tic sign of the zo­diac, these sen­si­tive be­ings truly be­lieve in magic – the magic of good in­ten­tions and that dreams can come true. Thus, most Pis­ceans will fall in, and out of, love sev­eral times be­fore set­tling down for good. This isn’t just about heart-felt ad­ven­tures but, rather, each ex­pe­ri­ence teaches the ideal­is­tic Pis­cean to balance that be­lief in fan­tasy with a good, solid as­sess­ment of their beloved. Once that link is formed, the roots of love can grow deep. This al­lows that sense of magic to ex­ist, but in an en­vi­ron­ment in which their grow­ing fam­ily will thrive. Ro­man­tic tip: De­clut­ter. And not just ob­jects, but also get rid of ran­dom re­sent­ments and out­dated dreams.

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