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Our colum­nist Lori Borgman has a new take on the cap­sule wardrobe – caplet dress­ing.

Yet an­other blog­ger has just posted on how to build a cap­sule wardrobe. Cap­sule wardrobes are all the rage right now. For the first time in his­tory, I am ahead of a fash­ion trend.

The main idea of a cap­sule closet is to min­imise your wardrobe by hav­ing all the pieces be in­ter­change­able. The se­condary idea is that by hav­ing a cap­sule wardrobe, you be­come more like a French woman. Who doesn’t want to be like a French woman? I won­der if French women ever sit around yearn­ing to be like women in other coun­tries. Never mind. For­get I men­tioned it.

In any case, I have been do­ing the cap­sule wardrobe for years. Ac­tu­ally, what I do is not re­ally a full cap­sule, but more like a caplet. Like a lot of women, I have a closet full of clothes but keep wear­ing the same six things.

My ba­sic caplet con­sists of two pairs of jeans and any­thing else black. Black shirt, black turtle­neck, black cardi­gan, black jacket. Two years ago my daugh­ters told me not to buy an­other piece of cloth­ing that was black. They said I had so much black in my wardrobe that peo­ple would start to think I was de­pressed.

I con­sid­ered that they might be right. So I switched it up by branch­ing out and buy­ing some pieces in grey.

Some­times, when I’m feel­ing es­pe­cially wild and crazy, I throw cau­tion to the wind and ac­cent the grey with a splash of black. The hus­band, who over­heard some of this talk about cap­sule wardrobes, in­ter­jected his two cents say­ing, ‘What’s the big deal? I’ve been do­ing cap­sule wardrobe for decades.’ ‘How is that?’ I ask. ‘Aren’t you al­ways say­ing, ‘That shirt looks like you pulled it out of a time cap­sule?’’ Mov­ing on. On closer read­ing, it turns out one of the blog­gers pro­mot­ing the cap­sule wardrobe has a cap­sule for ev­ery sea­son. Why not? She has 37 ar­ti­cles of cloth­ing, in­clud­ing, pants, shirts, dresses, ac­ces­sories and shoes, per sea­son. Each sea­son she ro­tates to a new cap­sule with a dif­fer­ent com­bi­na­tion of an­other 37 wardrobe pieces. That’s a to­tal of 148 wardrobe pieces.

Say she has 12 tops and 12 pairs of pants – each sea­son she could make a to­tal of 144 dif­fer­ent out­fits. If she could make 144 dif­fer­ent out­fits each sea­son, that comes to 576 dif­fer­ent out­fits per year. By my cal­cu­la­tions, that is not a

I have been do­ing the CAP­SULE wardrobe for years. Ac­tu­ally, what I do is not a full cap­sule, but more like a CAPLET. Like a lot of women, I have a CLOSET FULL OF CLOTHES but keep wear­ing the same SIX things

cap­sule, but an en­tire phar­macy. And, at that point, I would be too over­whelmed to get dressed.

I’m not be­ing crit­i­cal; I’m just say­ing a cap­sule may be over­shoot­ing for some peo­ple and, in that case, per­haps you should con­sider go­ing the caplet route. And thanks for ask­ing – yes, I am will­ing to step away from all the black and grey on oc­ca­sion. I hear navy will be pop­u­lar again this spring.

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