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Cross­word and sudoku brain-teasers.


1 English en­gi­neer who de­signed the Great Western Rail­way and Clifton Sus­pen­sion Bridge in his late 20s (6) 4 Name of the dinghy sailed by the Walker chil­dren in a book se­ries by Arthur Ran­some; or, a mi­gra­tory bird re­lated to house mar­tins but not swifts (7) 8 An­i­mal and land­scape artist whose paint­ing The Nu­bian Gi­raffe forms part of the Queen’s Royal Col­lec­tion (6) 14 Word de­rived from Latin used to de­scribe a per­son who wants his or her iden­tity con­cealed (9) 15 Swedish chemist and en­gi­neer whose for­tune that was ac­cu­mu­lated from his in­ven­tion of dy­na­mite en­abled him to in­sti­tute a se­ries of prizes awarded for out­stand­ing work (5) 16 Ja­panese quan­tum physicist whose dis­cov­ery of elec­tron tun­nelling led to his de­sign of the tun­nel diode (5) 17 Sleeve­less type of jacket with var­i­ous styles for ac­tiv­i­ties in­clud­ing cy­cling, hik­ing, coun­try pur­suits, horse rid­ing, shoot­ing etc. (5) 18 Lightly spiced and sweet­ened yeasted fruit bun, usu­ally served toasted and but­tered (7) 19 Any one of the tra­di­tional Vene­tian row­ing boats de­picted in the paint­ing La Riva by John Singer Sar­gent (7) 20 Aus­tro-Hun­gar­ian ac­tor noted for roles in films such as M, The Mal­tese Fal­con, Casablanca and The Raven (5) 22 Whig states­man who served as prime min­is­ter from 1743-54; or, a type of curb bit used for school­ing or for horses need­ing more ‘brakes’ (6) 24 Chi­nese prov­ince con­tain­ing much of the Yangtze delta, cap­i­tal Nanjing (7) 27 The _______ Tree; se­ries of books for chil­dren by Enid Bly­ton that starts with The En­chanted Wood (7) 29 Heart­less leaf veg­etable in the fam­ily that in­cludes borecole, broc­coli, cab­bage, kale and kohlrabi (6,6) 32 De­scrip­tion of a species (such as the Sri Lankan ele­phant or the Bornean orang­utan) cat­e­gorised as likely to be­come ex­tinct (10) 34 Fic­tional school in a comic strip se­ries cre­ated by Ron­ald Searle (2,8) 37 BBC Ra­dio 4 de­bate show pre­sented by Jonathan Dim­bleby since 1987 (3,9) 40 Also called ling and re­lated to blue­ber­ries and rhodo­den­drons, the pri­mary food of the red grouse and one of the na­tional flow­ers of Scot­land (7) 42 Gi­ant son of Po­sei­don and Gaia who chal­lenged all passers-by to a wrestling match, un­til de­feated by Her­a­cles (7) 44 Atomic num­ber of tho­rium; or, the num­ber of de­grees of an an­gle op­pos­ing the hy­potenuse (6) 45 With a greater re­gion that is the world’s most pop­u­lous me­trop­o­lis, the Ja­panese cap­i­tal, founded as Edo (5) 49 Pri­mate of a fam­ily that in­cludes hu­mans and ex­tinct rel­a­tives (7) 51 Novel by Roald Dahl, adapted to screen, stage and au­dio­book (7) 52 Method of restart­ing play in rugby (5)

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