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11 Born near the foot of the Dolomites circa 1490, the Re­nais­sance master of the Vene­tian school whose works in­clude his seven-me­tre-high As­sunta, Bac­chus and Ari­adne and the Danaë se­ries (6) 12 Pome with va­ri­eties in­clud­ing beauty of Bath, Blen­heim orange, Cox’s orange pip­pin and Cor­nish gilliflower (5) 13 Short name for the re­sort on the north side of Mont Blanc that hosted the first Win­ter Olympics and is the start­ing point of the Haute Route ski tour­ing trail end­ing in Zer­matt (8) 14 De­scrip­tion of a beef steak or piece of lamb cooked to a far greater de­gree than one served rare, blue or ‘bleu’ (4,4) 15 Com­pet­i­tive sport and pur­suit per­formed in a race such as the Volvo Ocean Race or Vendée Globe (7) 16 The den of an an­i­mal known col­lec­tively as bevy, romp and raft, sci­en­tific name Lu­tra lu­tra (4) 17 With a genus name that de­rives from the Latin mean­ing ‘muddy’, a wad­ing bird with four ex­is­tent species in­clud­ing the black­tailed and bar-tailed (6) 18 One of the names for a scenic 83-mile­long gorge on the Danube form­ing part of the bound­ary be­tween Ro­ma­nia and Ser­bia (4,4) 20 Ro­man name for the cap­i­tal of Slove­nia, Ljubljana (5) 22 Cap­i­tal of Meck­len­burg-West Pomera­nia, Ger­many’s small­est state cap­i­tal with around 102,000 res­i­dents (8) 24 _______ Tales; col­lec­tion of 10 an­i­mal fa­bles in verse by A Suit­able Boy, An Equal Mu­sic and forth­com­ing novel A Suit­able Girl au­thor Vikram Seth (7) 26 Pro­tag­o­nist in Mary Wes­ley’s novel Har­ness­ing Pea­cocks; or, a plant named after the Greek god­dess of youth (4) 28 Form of fos­silised tree resin used for jew­ellery; or, the traf­fic light and colour act­ing as a cau­tion­ary sig­nal be­tween red and green (5) 30 Horse’s gait that, with a rider, may be col­lected, work­ing or ex­tended (4) 32 With edible flow­ers, a climb­ing plant of­ten used as a com­pan­ion for cab­bage, kale and cau­li­flower, de­picted in a paint­ing by E Phillips Fox (10) 34 Weaver from Lan­cashire who in­vented the spin­ning jenny; or, the au­thor and il­lus­tra­tor who cre­ated the Mr. Men and Lit­tle Miss book se­ries (10) 36 Wa­ter-filled ditch sur­round­ing a cas­tle as a form of for­ti­fi­ca­tion (4) 37 Colour of flag used as an em­blem of truce, sur­ren­der or cease­fire (5) 39 Eto­nian and MI6 agent in­volved with the Vi­enna Cir­cle who wrote Lan­guage, Truth and Logic (4) 40 In­stru­ment with a gno­mon (7) 41 Glyphs also called print­ers’ flow­ers; ar­chi­tec­tural el­e­ment form­ing some Corinthian abaci; or, puff-pas­try cres­cents used to gar­nish soups and starters (8) 43 Less-com­monly used term for a low­bud­get movie such as Bride of the Mon­ster or Swamp Thing (1-4)

46 Chest­nut and white breed of Cava­lier King Charles Spaniel named after the Duke of Marl­bor­ough’s res­i­dence in Ox­ford­shire (8) 48 A found­ing mem­ber of the Royal Academy of Paint­ing and Sculp­ture noted for his paint­ings on the ceil­ing of the Hall of Mir­rors in the Palace of Ver­sailles (2,4) 51 One ____ in the Grave; sit­com with a char­ac­ter whose name has be­come syn­ony­mous with be­ing grumpy (4) 52 __ _ _ _ _ _ Chapel; site of Michelangelo’s fresco The Last Judg­ment (7) 54 Body of wa­ter in the Scot­tish High­lands that is one of the largest lakes in the Bri­tish Isles (4,4) 55 Jaques of London name for the game/ sport known as whiff-whaff (4-4) 56 Flat sur­face of a cut gem­stone (5) 57 Ge­o­log­i­cal belt in Earth’s crust in­volved with the for­ma­tion of moun­tains (6)


1 Drama­tist-ac­tor who wrote the prob­lem play The Sec­ond Mrs Tan­queray (6) 2 A vi­o­lent kata­batic squall descend­ing from a moun­tain­ous coast (8) 3 For­mer name for the Venezue­lan city Ci­u­dad Bolí­var (9) 4 Plant known as all-heal tra­di­tion­ally be­lieved to have seda­tive ef­fects (8) 5 Pri­mates such as chim­panzees, gib­bons, go­ril­las, hu­mans and orang-utans (4) 6 Es­sen­tial oil sim­i­lar to neroli, ex­tracted from the bit­ter orange tree (10) 7 An­other name for a screen­play (6) 8 Nov­el­ist who wrote The Fox­glove Saga, and A Bed of Flow­ers (5) 9 Vil­lage in Not­ting­hamshire as­so­ci­ated with the folk tale of a group of ‘wise men’; or, the city where Bat­man lives (6) 10 Mu­si­cal in­stru­ment some­times played by Sher­lock Holmes (6) 19 Grav­i­ta­tional path; or, an eye socket (5) 21 Achaemenid Em­pire founder (5) 23 Group of Girl Guides col­lec­tively (7) 25 AC in­duc­tion mo­tor de­vel­oper (5) 26 2005 rom­com star­ring Will Smith (5) 27 Busi­ness part­ner of James Watt who founded the Soho Mint in 1788 (7) 29 Moun­tain of the Ber­nese Alps with a fa­mously chal­leng­ing north face (5) 31 Hor­ti­cul­tur­ist and cook from East Sus­sex who wrote The Cut­ting Gar­den and a tome on wild flow­ers (5) 33 The ‘Ta­ble’ con­stel­la­tion; or, a so­ci­ety for peo­ple with a high IQ (5) 35 Catch-all words for bi­ol­o­gists, chemists, ge­ol­o­gists, physi­cists etc. (10) 36 Au­thor who wrote a se­ries of books for his son Christo­pher Robin (5) 38 Cheese from Haute-Savoie served in the Alpine potato dish tar­ti­flette (9) 41 Happy ________; tra­di­tional card game with char­ac­ters in­clud­ing Mr Bun the Baker and Mrs Soot the Sweep’s Wife (8) 42 Pre­sen­ter and jour­nal­ist who hosted the UK Weak­est Link and the re­cent three-part se­ries Bri­tain’s Se­crets (8) 44 Lin­guist and lex­i­cog­ra­pher re­mem­bered for his dic­tio­nary pub­lished in 1598 en­ti­tled A World of Words (6) 45 ____ __ Crazy; Prince and The Revo­lu­tion song on the al­bum Pur­ple Rain (4,2) 47 Au­thor of the com­edy Tur­caret and the pi­caresque novel Gil Blas (6) 49 One of the four prov­inces of Ire­land (6) 50 Physi­cist who dis­cov­ered iso­topes by means of his mass spec­tro­graph (5) 53 Place of Napoleon’s first ex­ile (4)

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