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Who is it for? Any­one look­ing for tight­en­ing, and to re­duce the ap­pear­ance of acne scar­ring, un­even skin tone or fine lines. The ef­fects: The treat­ment in­cor­po­rates the use of a q-switched laser on the sur­face of the skin that has a prior ap­pli­ca­tion of a layer of med­i­cal car­bon cream, which is left for a few min­utes to dry out. High-in­ten­sity pulses of light (laser) are shot on to the car­bon cream-cov­ered skin. The car­bon ab­sorbs th­ese in­tense pulses, cre­at­ing mi­cro ex­plo­sions on the epi­der­mal layer. The pa­tient feels a bit of warmth, with­out any pain. This warmth is the heat re­leased by the car­bon, which in turn ex­fo­li­ates and cleans out the pores through skin resur­fac­ing. Af­ter­wards a high spec­trum sun­screen is ap­plied and you can head back to work with glow­ing skin. Ses­sions re­quired: Three to six ses­sions; clients can re­peat ev­ery three to four weeks To book: Dh1,200; call 04 348 5575.

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