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Great for: Mild to mod­er­ate pso­ri­a­sis in lo­calised ar­eas. The ef­fects: Cosmesurge clinic’s Ex­cimer laser treats sin­gle pso­ri­a­sis le­sions with ul­travi­o­let light. Dr Pegha De­hdari, who re­cently treated pso­ri­a­sis suf­ferer Kim Kar­dashian West in Dubai, says the pro­ce­dure is for ‘any­one who would like to have a treat­ment with ad­vanced tech­nol­ogy but which is also harm­less and has no side ef­fects.’ Ses­sions re­quired: Re­sults are usu­ally seen af­ter two ses­sions and com­plete clear­ance could be reached be­tween six to 12 ses­sions. It varies in­di­vid­u­ally and de­pends also on trig­ger fac­tors. To book: Price varies de­pend­ing on the area that re­quires treat­ment. Call 04 344 5915.

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