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Q I suf­fer from men­strual pain, and was told I should take an evening primrose oil sup­ple­ment ev­ery day. But I’ve been do­ing this for a while now and can’t see a huge change.

APrim­rose oil is a source of omega 6 fatty acid. Most peo­ple use veg­etable cook­ing oils at home and/or eat out a lot in places where the chefs use mainly veg­etable oil. But this is a rea­son so many young girls these days have hor­monal is­sues – we are con­sum­ing way too much Omega 6 fatty acid.

For hor­monal well-be­ing, we need a very delicate bal­ance of Omega 3 to Omega 6.

Cur­rently we are get­ting al­most six to eight times more Omega 6 than re­quired. I sug­gest you stop tak­ing primrose oil, there­fore, and in­stead take only Omega 3 (2,000mg) if you have any hor­monal is­sues, to re­duce in­flam­ma­tion and help com­bat pain dur­ing PMS.

Tak­ing Omega 3 for three con­sec­u­tive months will help your body to re­spond bet­ter to in­sulin, you will have more sta­ble sugar lev­els and prob­a­bly bet­ter skin and hair health!

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