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Make-up artist to the stars and the founder of Beauty Blender

Where did the idea for Beauty Blender come from?

I was work­ing on an Amer­i­can TV show and the ac­tress’s make-up needed to be flaw­less all day when we were shoot­ing in HD qual­ity. I needed some­thing that’s easy to carry on set and has a smooth fin­ish on the skin, so no blunt edges – hence the egg shape!

How is it dif­fer­ent from a reg­u­lar sponge ap­pli­ca­tor?

It is made with a special material, which when wet evenly presses the make-up on your face and bounces back rather than ab­sorb­ing it.

What’s the material you use?

If I told you that I would have to kill you! We are the only ones us­ing it.

How should you use the blender?

I per­son­ally use the larger end to do the ma­jor­ity of the face and the smaller end around the eyes.

How of­ten should you clean it?

Ide­ally ev­ery day af­ter use but if you can’t do that then ev­ery other day.

Who is your favourite celebrity to work with?

Regina Hall.

What do you tell your clients to do to keep their skin look­ing great?

Eat clean and mois­turise.

What is the one make-up prod­uct you can’t live with­out?

A great mois­turiser – good skin means your make-up will look great.

Will you ever launch your own make-up line?

It seems to make sense to do it in the fu­ture, but right now I’m fo­cus­ing on the blender. The 15th an­niver­sary Baby Pink Beauty Blender Bub­ble is at Sephora now, Dh80.

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