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Crossword and sudoku brain-teasers.


11 York­shire-born sculp­tor who lived and worked in the Cor­nish sea­side town St Ives for most of her life; her works in­clude Seated Fig­ure, Two Forms, Mother and Child and Fam­ily of Man (8) 12 “She bath’d with roses red, and __ _ _ _ _ _ blew, And all the sweet­est flowres, that in the for­rest grew.” Sir Ed­mund Spenser, The Faerie Queene (7) 13 De­rived from a Malay word mean­ing to tie/bind, a tra­di­tional method of warp dye­ing/weav­ing in Cen­tral Asia that was a favourite of the late Os­car de la Renta (4) 14 Mod­ern __________; Pierre de Cou­bertin’s ver­sion of a mul­ti­sport event in­vented by the An­cient Greeks that to­day con­sists of five sports – swim­ming, shoot­ing fenc­ing, rid­ing and running (10) 15 Orig­i­nally named Pelican, the galleon in which Fran­cis Drake cir­cum­nav­i­gated the globe from 1577-80 (6,4) 16 Part of a sta­men where pollen is pro­duced; the male part of a flower (6) 18 From the French mean­ing ‘hand care’, a pro­fes­sional treat­ment for the fin­ger­nails and hands (8) 21 Tus­can city where Filip­pino Lippi was born; a cen­tre of the slow food move­ment where lo­cal del­i­ca­cies in­clude a va­ri­ety of bis­cotti and mor­tadella (5) 23 The person in charge of steer­ing a row­ing shell and co­or­di­nat­ing the rhythm of the crew; or, helms­man/wo­man or skip­per of a lifeboat (8) 25 Clas­sic salad of moz­zarella, toma­toes and basil, usu­ally ar­ranged on a plate to re­sem­ble the Ital­ian flag (7) 27 Male fer­rets; the tops of some cook­ers with hot­plates; shelves at ei­ther side of open fire­places; or, pegs used as tar­gets in quoits (4) 29 Ver­ti­cal arrangement of gui­tar amp equip­ment; a pyra­mi­dal group of ri­fles; or, a mea­sure for a pile of wood (5) 31 Ab­bre­vi­a­tion of al­fresco meals where mar­i­nated meat, burg­ers and foil-wrapped fish are tra­di­tion­ally cooked us­ing meth­ods of the same name (1,1,1,1) 33 Hill sta­tion and town at an alti­tude of around 6,700ft in West Ben­gal noted for its view of Kangchen­junga (the world’s third-high­est moun­tain) and tea (10) 35 Study or ex­plo­ration of caves (10) 37 Exe­dra-like semi­cir­cu­lar re­cess such as the one in the Ha­gia Sophia, Istanbul, oc­cu­pied at its cen­tre by the fa­mous Vir­gin and Child mo­saic (4) 38 Col­lec­tion of di­a­grams made by a car­tog­ra­pher; name of a moun­tain chain in the Maghreb; or, a Greek Titan (5) 40 The cap­i­tal of Nor­way, once home to drama­tist Hen­rik Ib­sen (4) 41 Bel­gian city on the River Scheldt, known as the world’s di­a­mond cap­i­tal (7) 42 Refresher known as cit­ron pressé that can be made from three in­gre­di­ents (8) 44 __ _ _ _ pine; na­tional tree of the coun­try with the cap­i­tal Ed­in­burgh; the world’s most widely dis­trib­uted conifer (5) 47 Steep­ness of an in­cline/slope/rise in a road, ex­pressed as a per­cent­age (8)

49 Male gov­er­nors in In­dia dur­ing the time of the Mughal em­pire (6) 52 Person who writes com­puter code (10) 54 Ed­war­dian town on the Suf­folk coast, site of Bri­tain’s largest con­tainer port (10) 56 The ____ Falls; col­lec­tion of short sto­ries by Mark Had­don (4) 57 Au­thor whose poem The Par­lia­ment of Fowls is said to have con­trib­uted to­wards the tra­di­tion of Valen­tine’s Day (7) 58 Ital­ian tin-glazed earth­en­ware dec­o­rated with is­to­ri­ato or ‘sto­ries’ (8)


1 With a trib­u­tary flow­ing through the Wye Val­ley, the UK’s long­est river (6) 2 Wall­pa­per sam­ples in book form (8) 3 Esio ____; Roald Dahl’s tale for chil­dren about a tor­toise and a magic spell (4) 4 Mytho­log­i­cal coun­try­man mar­ried to Bau­cis whose hos­pi­tal­ity to Zeus and Her­mes is syn­ony­mous with good­will (8) 5 County that was scrapped and split be­tween Bath and North East Som­er­set, Bris­tol, North Som­er­set and South Gloucestershire (4) 6 Poet dis­cov­ered by Sir Walter Scott who wrote The Pri­vate Me­moirs and Con­fes­sions of a Jus­ti­fied Sin­ner (4) 7 Place/room/square in Cluedo where the so­lu­tion en­ve­lope is placed (6) 8 Ac­tress who starred as Jane Sey­mour in the film Henry VIII and His Six Wives (5) 9 A sea area in the Ship­ping Fore­cast; or, the sur­name of the late ac­tress who played Princess Leia in the Star Wars films (6) 10 Of­fi­cial birth­stone for Jan­uary (6) 17 Horse coat colour that can be straw­berry, bay or blue (4) 19 One of the Fleet­wood Mac vo­cal­ists (5) 20 The Ro­man god of love (5) 22 __ _ _ _ Box; star clus­ter in Crux (5) 24 Once known as a dev­il­fish, a cephalo­pod stud­ied in mala­col­ogy (7) 26 Ti­tles of Charles Grey, Prince Ed­ward and David Arm­strong-Jones (5) 27 Composer who wrote The Plan­ets (5) 28 French painter whose works in­clude Cats on the Rail­ing, The Din­ing Room in the Coun­try, Nude in the Bath and Cof­fee (7) 30 In­stru­ment said to be the one most closely re­sem­bling the hu­man voice (5) 32 _____ on the Land­scape; Tom Sharpe’s novel that was adapted to screen (5) 34 Tra­di­tional Scot­tish green tweed (5) 36 Amount of grapes har­vested from a vine­yard or veg/grains from a crop (5) 37 Fruit used for a rus­tic Dorset cake, often dur­ing au­tumn when boun­ti­ful (5) 39 Egyp­tian god iden­ti­fied with Ra (4) 42 Nick­name of the ten­nis player who at the age of 18 be­came the first wo­man to win all four Grand Slam tour­na­ments dur­ing the same year (6,2) 43 Method of reck­on­ing that su­per­seded the use of the Ju­lian cal­en­dar (3,5) 45 Comic Re­lief co-founder who wrote Not­ting Hill and Love Ac­tu­ally (6) 46 Wild cats, the largest of all fe­lines (6) 48 Scot­tish chemist who dis­cov­ered the noble gases and de­ter­mined their place in the pe­ri­odic sys­tem (6) 50 With a species of swan named af­ter him, the wood en­graver and nat­u­ral­ist who penned A His­tory of British Birds (6) 51 Item also known as a chrono­graph (5) 53 Lyri­cist who col­lab­o­rated with An­drew Lloyd Web­ber on Je­sus Christ Su­per­star (4) 54 Gar­den or farm tool with prongs (4) 55 The Ro­man nu­meral rep­re­sent­ing the num­ber feared by triskaideka­pho­bics (1,1,1,1)

So­lu­tions will be given next week. The last date for en­tries is March 14. The win­ner of this crossword will be an­nounced on March 24. The win­ner of the Fe­bru­ary 24 crossword is Dr Za­rina Chinch­in­wala, Dubai.

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