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Con­sid­er­ing the fact that I never use my lap­top on an air­craft, this ques­tion is fairly easy to an­swer. Ev­ery­one’s heard the quote that the jour­ney is more im­por­tant than the des­ti­na­tion; when the topic of air travel comes to hand, I find it es­pe­cially true. Whether it be fly­ing to the States, Lon­don, or even Switzer­land, I al­ways find fly­ing the most ex­hil­a­rat­ing part. I men­tally make a check­list of what I want to do dur­ing the du­ra­tion of my flight and it usu­ally con­sists of read­ing. I al­ways have a book packed, it’s my best friend mostly. As well as (if there is a mini TV pro­vided) binge-watch­ing the lat­est movies, and of course my favourite – jam­ming to my favourite songs stocked in my phone. Plug­ging in my ear­phones, and blast­ing my mu­sic as high as pos­si­ble – no one can even com­plain, since the dron­ing of the plane cov­ers up the vol­ume of my mu­sic; it’s my most pre­ferred and much-loved thing to do on a plane. Mahika Sethi

Both me and my hus­band are very fond of trav­el­ling – and our kids, even more so. Whether I use my lap­top or not usu­ally de­pends on the du­ra­tion of the flight and how long we spend at the air­port but I am never with­out it and not hav­ing a lap­top at all, that would be some­thing hard to imag­ine! So if I had to board a flight with­out it, there would be a cou­ple of things that I would do oth­er­wise. Be­gin­ning with my hus­band – I can spend hours with him, talk­ing about even the small­est things. Or if not that, then watch­ing one of the great movies that they have to of­fer in the in-flight en­ter­tain­ment or catch­ing up on a show that I might have missed. An­other thing would be brows­ing through one of the many news­pa­pers or mag­a­zines avail­able – noth­ing bet­ter than a good ar­ti­cle to pass your time. Maybe not hav­ing my lap­top with me wouldn’t be so bad af­ter all! Sa­dia Mohsin

I love fly­ing. This new change has not af­fected me since I don’t own an elec­tronic item big­ger than my phone. De­pend­ing on the du­ra­tion of the jour­ney I watch movies, lis­ten to songs and play some word games avail­able in the in-flight en­ter­tain­ment. When trav­el­ling with my son I play multi-player games and en­cour­age him to use the re­sources avail­able. Some­times hav­ing min­i­mal be­long­ings is a bless­ing. Smitha Mathew

Plenty! Books make great flight com­pan­ions, whether in the ‘book-book’ form or in Kin­dle/iBook form. I have sev­eral books stored in my iPhone, which makes me ea­gerly look for­ward to any wait­ing pe­riod. Be­ing in Dubai, I have also got pam­pered by the ex­ten­sive in-flight en­ter­tain­ment pro­vided, which at times makes the flight du­ra­tion seem too short. I, for sure, am not go­ing to miss my lap­top. Jaya Ma­halingam

I would do ex­actly what I have been do­ing for so long, as I never carry my lap­top on a plane. For peo­ple who do, es­pe­cially those who don’t even want to tran­sit the Mid­dle East en route to Europe or USA, be­cause of the no lap­top rule – learn to re­lax, en­joy and stim­u­late the senses in your sur­round­ings, undis­turbed by dig­i­tal stim­u­la­tion. Ob­serve the peo­ple around you, their in­ter­ac­tions, their be­hav­iour, play a guess­ing game, make notes in your note­book. Prac­tise your long-for­got­ten hand­writ­ing, buy a nice new pen, a tool you hardly use other than to peel off plas­tic.

Pick up a nice book and read – such a change from those flash screens, read mag­a­zines, en­joy trivia and gossip – it’s good for your soul, in small doses. Learn new fash­ion trends, new dis­cov­er­ies, see ar­ti­cles on travel and leisure. Plan a hol­i­day for your loved ones, you will be sur­prised how much new in­for­ma­tion can be gleaned by flip­ping through even a sim­ple mag­a­zine. Sam­ple the culi­nary de­lights that one nor­mally misses when your head is stuck in your lap­top and most im­por­tantly strike up a con­ver­sa­tion, make new ac­quain­tances, take a nap, watch a movie if you are des­per­ate for a dig­i­tal fix. Life is too short to waste it on an inan­i­mate screen. Dr Mi­nal Pat­ward­han An­drade

[Last month] both the US and the UK an­nounced sim­i­lar mea­sures ban­ning lap­tops and other large elec­tronic de­vices. This is an ab­so­lute dis­as­ter, how can you pass the time with­out your pre­cious tech­nol­ogy? Lucky me, I can pass the time by play­ing chess or even cards with my younger brother. With­out elec­tron­ics I can do so much bet­ter, like in­ter­act­ing with the pas­sen­ger sit­ting next to me, or even read­ing a book. Aa­me­nah Batul

If I am trav­el­ling alone, then I would use the op­por­tu­nity to make new friends with my co-pas­sen­gers or sit back and re­lax with nice sooth­ing mu­sic, which is al­ways stored in my mo­bile. If I am trav­el­ling with my fam­ily, then I would use this op­por­tu­nity to spend qual­ity time with them, catch­ing up with all the re­cent happenings, watch­ing a nice movie to­gether, and tak­ing a nap! I nor­mally do not use a lap­top on a plane. Shankar Subra­ma­nian

I would write a poem on my love to­wards my hus­band and ded­i­cate it to him. I have done it once be­fore!

I think a break from all kinds of gad­gets is what we need in our busy lives. Watch­ing a movie or read­ing my favourite book will be my pas­time on a plane. Re­lax­ing will be on the cards. Divya Nam­biar

As a 15 year old, I usu­ally use my lap­top only for en­ter­tain­ment purposes. With­out my lap­top, I would in­dulge in a good old novel, be­cause I love read­ing and I find that I don’t have the time to do so of­ten. I think it is a good op­por­tu­nity for oth­ers to en­joy word searches, crosswords and other ‘old-school’ forms of en­ter­tain­ment as well. If none of those oc­cupy me, there is no harm in get­ting a lit­tle bit of sleep! Anishka Ravi

Air­planes are fun places when the trav­el­ling dis­tance is no more than three hours. Air­lines such as Emi­rates don’t give me time to get bored – as they keep serv­ing snacks and food with drinks. Some bud­get air­lines re­ally freak me out, as I have a boy of seven who needs con­stant en­ter­tain­ment. So we keep on bug­ging the air host­ess or try to sleep, oth­er­wise we try to in­ter­act with co-pas­sen­gers if they are not al­ready ir­ri­tated. The last hour of the flight is spent mak­ing plans for af­ter we land. San­chita Ghosh

This week’s ques­tion: Have you ever writ­ten a poem? Did you share it with any­one? Send us your work.

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