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1 Name by which the Dutch artist who cre­ated The Storm on the Sea of Galilee, Bels­haz­zar’s Feast, The Night Watch and The Syn­dics was known (9) 6 English name for a fam­ily of herba­ceous plants that in­cludes cot­ton, hi­bis­cus, hol­ly­hocks and okra, from which the colour mauve de­rives its name (6) 9 Nick­name of the late Dowa­ger Duchess of Devon­shire, the youngest and last of the six Mit­ford sis­ters (4) 13 Known in French as vichy, a plain-wo­ven checked cot­ton cloth used for ca­sual shirts, capri pants, sum­mer dresses, coun­try-style table­cloths, tra­di­tional jam jar lids, etc (7) 14 Sets of stumps and bails de­scribed in Law 8 of cricket; or, the name for cro­quet hoops in the US and Canada (7) 15 De­scribed by John Keats in To Au­tumn as bend­ing the “moss’d cot­tage-trees”, an or­chard fruit with many her­itage va­ri­eties, used to make char­lotte, crum­ble fill­ing or scrumpy (5) 16 __ _ _ _ of Ter­ror; pe­riod of state ter­ror­ism dur­ing the French Revo­lu­tion led by Max­im­i­lien Robe­spierre (5) 17 Tragedy by French drama­tist Jean Racine that was his fi­nal work (7) 18 An­other name for the Aten in Egyp­tian mythol­ogy (3,4) 19 A type of An­cient Greek mar­ket or gath­er­ing place from which the pho­bia of open/public places de­rived its name (5) 21 Law of the ______; de­rived from the laws and life codes of the wolves in the sto­ries by Rud­yard Ki­pling (6) 23 Char­ac­ter in The Two Gentle­men of Verona; or, one of the newly dis­cov­ered moons of Nep­tune which is one of the dark­est ob­jects in the so­lar sys­tem (7) 26 Mer­chant who founded a store on Re­gent Street in 1875, to­day noted for lux­ury goods, sta­tionery, silk scarves, flo­ral art fab­rics in Tana lawn cot­ton, etc (7) 28 Plants from Ja­pan with white, trum­pet­shaped fra­grant flow­ers, used to sym­bol­ise peace and re­mem­brance in Ire­land (6,6) 31 Coun­try home and garden in Firle for­merly of the Blooms­bury artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant (10) 33 Largest and old­est-known of the dro­maeosaurids, or ‘swift lizards’ (10) 36 Ar­chi­pel­ago off the Northum­ber­land coast fa­mous for wildlife in­clud­ing puffins and a colony of grey seals (5,7) 39 __ _ _ _ _ _ I; king of the English known as the Lionheart who spent as lit­tle as six months in Eng­land dur­ing his 10-year reign (7) 41 A dusky pink Vic­to­rian colour; or, an old-fash­ioned type of flower such as a da­mask (3,4) 43 Fruit­cake tra­di­tion­ally baked at Easter but also for Moth­er­ing Sun­day (6) 44 Weapon used by me­dieval jousters and by sol­diers dur­ing the Charge of the Light Bri­gade (5) 48 Physi­cist who dis­cov­ered the irid­ium layer and pro­posed that the mass ex­tinc­tion of di­nosaurs was caused by an asteroid im­pact (7)

50 Span­ish fas­cist move­ment (7) 51 The first queen to rule Eng­land in her own right (4,1) 52 Gen­eral name for a body part such as a brain, heart, kid­ney, liver or lung (5) 53 Pre­his­toric pe­riod when hu­mans first de­vel­oped tools, ar­mour, weapons, coinage, etc, made from fer­rum (4,3) 54 Brand of waxed cot­ton jacket (7) 55 Guides on maps in­ter­pret­ing sym­bols; or, winged seeds also called sama­ras (4) 56 __ _ _ _ _ from Al­ca­traz; Don Siegel film (6) 57 Field mar­shal de­picted on the ‘Your Coun­try Needs You’ posters (9)


1 Ar­chi­tect noted for work on the Pom­pi­dou Cen­tre in Paris and the Millennium Dome in Lon­don (6) 2 Au­thor whose For­tunes of War nov­els were adapted into a se­ries with Ken­neth Branagh and Emma Thomp­son (7) 3 Ab­bre­vi­a­tion of a ti­tle given to privy coun­cil­lors and cab­i­net min­is­ters (2,3) 4 Back-pro­tect­ing sheep­skin pad or quilted cot­ton cloth placed un­der a sad­dle (6) 5 Type of city dwelling some­times be­long­ing to a per­son with a larger prop­erty in the coun­try­side (4,5) 6 Bi­ol­o­gist who stud­ies fungi (10) 7 _____ -Bas­togne- _____; very tough Ar­dennes cy­cle race nick­named La Doyenne (the old­est), an an­nual clas­sic (5) 8 Foam-like ma­te­rial used by florists (5) 10 French ex­pres­sion used in chess de­scrib­ing a piece ex­posed to cap­ture (2,5) 11 Description of the weather when clouds are cover­ing all/most of the sky (8) 12 Bird with a fa­mil­iar call at night and in the early hours of the morn­ing (5,3) 20 Description of a non-ur­ban area (5) 22 Three-Day _____; one of the names for the eques­trian sport com­pris­ing dres­sage, cross-coun­try and showjump­ing (5) 23 Fish tra­di­tion­ally used to make the Cornish dish stargazey pie (8) 24 Colour of the mark­ers in­di­cat­ing the most chal­leng­ing ski runs, such as Grand Couloir in Courchevel (5) 25 East ________; site in Scot­land of Dum­fries House and its col­lec­tion of Chip­pen­dale fur­ni­ture (8) 27 Por­tuguese city in Norte (5) 29 Word for an ac­tor with a mi­nor role (5) 30 Level of in­ter­est or im­por­tance al­lo­cated to a listed build­ing (5) 32 Tres­sure-like heraldic shield bor­ders (5) 34 The cap­i­tal of Ghana (5) 35 Tra­di­tional kitchen items such as pie dishes, of­ten blue and white (10) 37 Ma­te­rial used for wet/skin­suits, gloves for out­door sports and over­shoes (8) 38 Au­thor of Of Mice and Men (9) 40 The __ _ _ _ _ _ _ Foun­da­tion; the Amer­i­can part­ner of the Na­tional Trust of Eng­land, Wales and North­ern Ire­land (5,3) 42 French poet who wrote Chat­ter­ton (2,5) 45 Plant re­lated to globe ar­ti­chokes (7) 46 Au­thor whose novel The Rail­way Chil­dren was adapted into a fam­ily film star­ring Jenny Agut­ter as Bob­bie (6) 47 Item known as a look­ing-glass (6) 49 Ger­man op­ti­cian who founded a pre­ci­sion work­shop for me­chan­ics and op­tics in Jena in 1846 (5) 50 First name of the pro­tag­o­nist in Cold Com­fort Farm by Stella Gib­bons (5) 51 Month in the UK when sar­dines, spring onions, blood or­anges, pur­ple sprout­ing broccoli and oys­ters are sea­sonal (5) So­lu­tions will be given next week. The last date for en­tries is April 11 The win­ner of this crossword will be an­nounced on April 21. The win­ner of the March 24 crossword is Tim Berry, UAE.

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