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11 ‘Queen of Crime’ whose sleuth char­ac­ter Her­cule Poirot is said to have been in­spired by a Bel­gian gen­darme refugee liv­ing in Torquay in the First World War (8) 12 Study of re­la­tion­ships be­tween or­gan­isms and their en­vi­ron­ments and how Earth’s ma­te­ri­als, pro­cesses, struc­tures, etc have changed over time (7) 13 Word link­ing with ‘sweet’ for plants grown up nets or hazel/cane wig­wams, or with ‘gar­den’ for legumes that can be eaten straight from their pods (4) 14 Coun­try that lost its supremacy as a su­per­power in the Baltic re­gion to Peter the Great’s Rus­sia fol­low­ing dis­as­trous par­tic­i­pa­tion in the Great North­ern War (6) 15 With three banks of oars pow­ered by 170 men at an av­er­age speed of 7.5-10 knots, the largest of the An­cient Greek war­ships (7) 16 Sea­side town in North York­shire near Robin Hood’s Bay, where Cap­tain Cook’s ship En­deav­our was built and the favourite Vic­to­rian gem jet is mined (6) 17 Known as ‘the first gen­tle­man of Eng­land’, prince re­gent in 1811 and king in 1820 who com­mis­sioned John Nash to re­design the Royal Pav­il­ion (6,1,1) 19 Word link­ing with ‘house’ to form the name of a struc­ture built in boughs as a look­out, a play area for chil­dren, oc­ca­sional re­treat or workspace (4) 21 Gen­eral term for a wardrobe sta­ple con­sid­ered time­lessly stylish, such as a blazer, white shirt, old school tie, grey cash­mere sweater, LBD, etc (7) 23 Go Hard or Go Home pre­sen­ter cur­rently in train­ing to be­come the fastest woman on wa­ter over one nau­ti­cal mile (5) 25 Med­i­cal pro­ce­dure known as venipunc­ture that is usu­ally pre­ceded by a pe­riod of fast­ing (5,4) 26 Genus name of the orang-utan; or, the nick­name of the Drones Club char­ac­ter Regi­nald Twistle­ton (5) 30 War­bler whose song has earned it the nick­name ‘north­ern nightin­gale’ (8) 32 The Gar­den of _______ De­lights; trip­tych painted by Hierony­mus Bosch (7) 33 De­vel­oped by the Al­lies dur­ing the Sec­ond World War, a method of dis­pers­ing air­field fog by burn­ing petrol to en­able air­craft to land (4) 35 Word link­ing with ‘body’ to form the name of a pro­tein aka im­munoglob­u­lin (4) 36 Sec­ond-largest Ser­bian city (4,3) 39 Ac­cord­ing to the zo­diac, a per­son born un­der the sign of the Wa­ter Bearer (8) 40 Mem­bers of a for­mer po­lit­i­cal party ri­valled by the Tories (5) 42 Whole­meal pas­try tart with a potato, onion, leek and cheese fill­ing, said to have been de­vel­oped by the Land Girls dur­ing the Sec­ond World War (6,3) 44 _______ Martin; car with mod­els in­clud­ing the Volante DB6, Lagonda and DB7 Za­gato (5) 47 Red _______; mi­grant but­ter­fly of­ten found on net­tles, Vanessa ata­lanta (7) 49 Na­tive New Zealand plant named af­ter the Greek god­dess of youth (4)

50 Name of a for­mer jet air­liner that was used for com­mer­cial travel at su­per­sonic speeds of around 1,350mph (8) 53 Small­est of the Bri­tish pack hounds (6) 54 Artist who gen­er­ally signed his work with his birth name, Doménikos Theotokópou­los (but in Greek) (2,5) 56 Nov­el­ist who wrote Atone­ment (6) 58 Co­conut fi­bre used for ropes or hard-wear­ing, rus­tic floor­ing (4) 59 Old Eto­nian ad­ven­turer who, in 2015 aged 71, be­came the old­est Bri­ton to com­plete the Marathon des Sables (7) 60 The­o­ret­i­cal physi­cist who de­vel­oped the for­mula E=mc2 (8)


1 Ac­tor who por­trayed Colin Dex­ter’s cross­word­ing char­ac­ter In­spec­tor Morse (4) 2 Ac­tor who played Willy Wonka in a film adap­ta­tion of Roald Dahl’s Char­lie and the Choco­late Fac­tory (6) 3 Cap­i­tal of the Falk­land Is­lands (7) 4 ________ of Bri­tain; 1951 event or­gan­ised to mark the cen­te­nary of the Great Ex­hi­bi­tion and raise na­tional morale (8) 5 Plant in the bor­age fam­ily with cher­ry­vanilla-scented flow­ers (10) 6 Lul­worth ____; shin­gle beach along the Juras­sic Coast near Dur­dle Door (4) 7 The _____ of One; Bryce Courte­nay’s novel based on char­ac­ter Peekay (5) 8 The par­lia­ment of the Isle of Man (7) 9 Stems of pars­ley, rose­mary, holly, etc (6) 10 Decorative tech­nique ap­plied to pa­per, eggs or blown eggshells (8) 18 For­ma­tion of troops/planes in steps (7) 20 _____ the Dragon; Bruce Lee’s last film (5) 22 Is­land in the Bay of Naples where WH Au­den wrote In Praise of Lime­stone (6) 24 Striped linen tex­tile used for tra­di­tional mat­tresses, quilts, up­hol­ster­ing arm­chairs, blinds, etc (7) 27 Black brogue-like leather dress shoes char­ac­terised by closed laces (7) 28 Me­dieval set­tle­ment where the kings of Scot­land were tra­di­tion­ally crowned on the Stone of Des­tiny (5) 29 _____ the Great; founder of the Achaemenid Em­pire (5) 31 Rus­sian phys­i­ol­o­gist whose stud­ies of the sali­va­tion rate among dogs led to the foun­da­tion of clas­si­cal con­di­tion­ing (6) 34 Hard­est nat­u­ral sub­stance on Earth (7) 37 Nick­name of the co­me­dian who wrote On the Ning Nang Nong (5) 38 Break from work to at­tend col­lege (3,7) 41 Mam­mal known col­lec­tively as an ar­ray or a prickle; a gar­dener’s ally (8) 43 Two __ ______; Bri­tish sit­com that starred Sid James and Vic­tor Spinetti (2,6) 45 Short name of the cook­ery com­pe­ti­tion filmed in a tent in Welford Park for the fi­nal three se­ries (4,3) 46 Wood _______; wild­flower of an­cient de­cid­u­ous wood­lands also known as lady’s night­cap; a har­bin­ger of spring (7) 48 Term that de­rived from a story by Rud­yard Ki­pling for a stylish, up­wardly mo­bile fe­male so­cialite (2,4) 51 Mafia code of si­lence (6) 52 Plantswoman who lived at Barns­ley House near Cirences­ter who was keen on cre­at­ing gar­dens that main­tained their beauty through­out the win­ter (5) 55 Unit of hered­ity form­ing part of a chro­mo­some and its telom­eres (4) 57 Genus/Latin name of hon­ey­bees (4) So­lu­tions will be given next week. The last date for en­tries is April 18. The win­ner of this crossword will be an­nounced on April 28. The win­ner of the March 31 crossword is Keith W Blank­ley from Dubai.

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