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It all started with the call let­ter from my com­pany ‘Be a brave girl’, said my par­ents and many ‘My­suru’, the place that I stepped in ‘Bach­e­lorette days’ started with train­ing And sud­denly, pocket money changed to in­come Lec­tur­ers changed to man­ager said, ‘into the project, you are wel­come!’ No more class­mates, but col­leagues; not my desk, but cu­bi­cle I needed days to ad­just to the mir­a­cle! ‘Home away from home’ is my rented 2BHK ‘Cook­ing with friends is fun’, I say As life con­tains both sweet and bit­ter with­out bore­dom So, I have re­spon­si­bil­i­ties and free­dom. ‘Why so late to home?’ did not yell my mother Shop­ping now is cosmetics and gro­ceries to­gether. ‘52 week­ends’ is how we de­fine a year This poem is too short to fit my ex­pe­ri­ences, I am sure! The en­joy­ment con­tin­ues...! Lak­shmi Anu­radha

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