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Abu Dhabi’s Bait Al Oud, a mu­sic in­sti­tute that teaches peo­ple how to play tra­di­tional Ara­bic in­stru­ments and mu­sic, is giv­ing tours for the pub­lic to ex­plore the mu­si­cal her­itage of the UAE. You’ll get to ex­pe­ri­ence tra­di­tional in­stru­ments like the oud and rababa (a stringed in­stru­ment), learn all about their his­tory, and see the tech­niques of oud-mak­ing for your­self at a work­shop, plus you can at­tend one of the classes where Bait Al Oud’s pro­fes­sors will play melodies. Tours are from 11–12am on Sun­days and Tues­days, and from 4-5pm on Mon­days and Wed­nes­days.

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