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Car seats vary based on their fix­ing mech­a­nism, Nisar points out. One is the isofix sys­tem – a mech­a­nism that fixes the seat onto steel latches that are part of the car it­self. All car mod­els made af­ter 20132014 come pre-in­stalled with latches for isofix car seats. This sys­tem re­duced the chance of er­rors.

The sec­ond type is the tra­di­tional sys­tem, where child seats are har­nessed to the car’s seat belts. Buy a car seat that is com­pat­i­ble with the model of your car. Then in­stall it prop­erly.

‘A study done in the US showed that 80 per cent of ac­ci­dent in­juries in chil­dren were be­cause car seats weren’t in­stalled prop­erly,’ Nisar tells us.

He ad­vises to never buy a sec­ond­hand car seat; you won’t know if it has been in­volved in an ac­ci­dent that has led to in­vis­i­ble struc­tural dam­age.

En­sure car seats meet strin­gent safety stan­dards, usu­ally the United Na­tions E mark. Hint: It’s an or­ange sticker.

Read the di­rec­tions and make sure you un­der­stand how to in­stall the seat.

The back seat is the safest lo­ca­tion in the car for a child to ride.

Lock the seat belt. If your ve­hi­cle doesn’t have lower an­chors (isofix sys­tem), re­fer to your owner’s man­ual to lock a seat belt once the seat is in place.

Se­cure tightly. Once the seat is at­tached, wig­gle it side to side, back and forth. It should not move more than 2.5cm (1 inch) in any direc­tion.

Ad­just the re­cline an­gle. For rear­fac­ing seats, it is im­por­tant that the base of your car seat is level to pre­vent your child’s head from flop­ping for­ward. Most seats have in­di­ca­tors on the side to help.

If you’re in­stalling a for­ward-fac­ing seat, make sure it’s flat against the seat’s bot­tom and back.

Find the mech­a­nisms too tech­ni­cal? Babyshop of­fers free in­stal­la­tion when you pur­chase a car seat. They will also re-in­stall it for you later on in the event you’ve re­moved it for clean­ing and find it dif­fi­cult to fix it.

Babyshop of­fers a wide range of car seat op­tions to its cus­tomers through its 51 stores across the UAE, and at babyshop­

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