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1 Born in Paris of ex­pa­tri­ate Bri­tish par­ents, the Im­pres­sion­ist noted for ru­ral land­scapes such as Av­enue of Chest­nut Trees near La Celle-Saint-Cloud, Among the Vines Lou­ve­ci­ennes, Re­gatta at Mole­sey and Small Mead­ows in Spring (6) 5 Spiced fruit baked treats that, ac­cord­ing to an old rhyme, should be given to sons in the ab­sence of daugh­ters (3,5,4) 13 Form­ing car­pets in wood­lands in spring and pro­tected un­der the Wildlife and Coun­try­side Act, one of the UK’s best-loved wild flow­ers (9) 14 Pen name of the Vic­to­rian au­thor who wrote The Mill on the Floss, Silas Marner, Mid­dle­march and Daniel Deronda (5) 15 One of the iden­ti­fy­ing Greek let­ters (it is the first in the Greek al­pha­bet) in Jo­hann Bayer’s sys­tem of star des­ig­na­tion Ura­nome­tria (5) 16 _____ Sark; pre­served in Green­wich as a me­mo­rial to the Mer­chant Navy and mon­u­ment to the age of sail, the last sur­viv­ing tea clip­per, once the fastest ship of her time (5) 17 City on the is­land of Hon­shu in which the Ko­rakuen Gar­den is sit­u­ated; the fic­tional lo­cale of Ja­panese folk hero Mo­mo­tarō (the peach boy) (7) 18 Mar­ket town in Suf­folk that was the birth­place in 1727 of The Blue Boy painter Thomas Gains­bor­ough (7) 19 With a dis­tinc­tive forked tail, a gar­den bird re­sem­bling a cross be­tween a green­finch and a serin that is one of Bri­tain’s small­est finches (6) 21 ______ of the King; trac­ing the leg­end of King Arthur, his knights and love for Guin­e­vere, a cy­cle of 12 nar­ra­tive po­ems by Al­fred, Lord Ten­nyson (6) 23 Leg­endary sea mon­sters re­sem­bling gi­ant squids, said to be big enough to reach the top of a sail­ing ship’s main mast and to dwell off the coast of Nor­way (7) 26 Mid­dle East­ern sweet of filo pas­try and pis­ta­chios soaked in honey and or­ange-blos­som wa­ter, tra­di­tion­ally served af­ter mezze with Turk­ish cof­fee (7) 28 Welsh name for An­gle­sey, an is­land with a coast­line de­clared an AONB, home to the long­est place name in Bri­tain (4,3) 29 In ge­ol­ogy, a wind­ing ridge of strat­i­fied sed­i­ment formed from the de­posits of the melt­wa­ter of a re­treat­ing glacier (5) 31 Epic novel by James Clavell that was adapted into a tele­vi­sion mini-se­ries star­ring Pierce Bros­nan (5,5) 33 Game based on cre­at­ing string fig­ures; or, a Kurt Von­negut novel (4,6) 36 __ _ _ _ gas; a the­o­ret­i­cal gas obey­ing all phys­i­cal laws un­der all con­di­tions (5) 38 Divi­sion of play in a cricket match (7) 40 Earth science also called bio­nomics (7) 41 Duke of _______; ti­tle of Au­gus­tus FitzRoy, Whig states­man who served as prime min­is­ter from 1768–70 (7) 43 With twigs and branches tra­di­tion­ally used to make Easter trees, a woody plant/ shrub in the genus Salix (6) 44 Stone from which Venus de Milo and Michelan­gelo’s David were sculpted (6)

48 Fifth let­ter of the Greek al­pha­bet; or, pre­fixed to “Cari­nae”, the name of the star in Ca­rina also called Av­ior (7) 50 Nov­el­ist who wrote about the ad­ven­tures of Ratty, Mole, Bad­ger and Mr Toad in the clas­sic fam­ily favourite The Wind in the Wil­lows (7) 51 John of _____; the fourth but third sur­viv­ing son of Ed­ward III, fa­ther of Henry IV of Bol­ing­broke; Shake­speare’s ‘time-hon­oured Lan­caster’ (5) 52 Nor­we­gian com­poser who wrote the in­ci­den­tal mu­sic to Ib­sen’s play Peer Gynt, which in­cludes Morn­ing Mood and In the Hall of the Moun­tain King (5) 53 Au­thor whose nov­els formed the ba­sis of the In­spec­tor Al­leyn Mys­ter­ies se­ries (5) 54 Philoso­pher whose Black Note­books con­firmed him as an anti-Semite (9) 55 Guardian of the Tower of Lon­don (6,6) 56 Sting­ing plant usu­ally a nui­sance to hu­mans but in­valu­able to but­ter­flies (6)


2 Cap­i­tal of the Peru­vian Ama­zon (7) 3 Mem­bers’ _____; hall in the Palace of West­min­ster, site of the Churchill Arch (5) 4 Colour of rosettes tra­di­tion­ally awarded to riders in third place at horse shows or Pony Club events (6) 5 Care/cul­ti­va­tion of crops or live­stock (9) 6 Lo­cal or in­for­mal name of a re­gion of South Wales that was once at the heart of the Welsh coal-min­ing in­dus­try (3,7) 7 Cu­cum­ber and yo­gurt In­dian dip (5) 8 Reg­u­lar pat­terns form­ing tar­tan (5) 9 Ludo, snakes and lad­ders, etc (5,4) 10 Ice gi­ant with the strong­est (su­per­sonic) winds in the so­lar sys­tem (7) 11 An­cient type of cal­cu­la­tor (6) 12 Cas­tle in County Durham, built by the Nevills and later passed to the Vanes (4) 20 Spit­ting _____; for­mer tele­vi­sion satire fea­tur­ing pup­pet car­i­ca­tures (5) 22 In­done­sian ‘San­dal­wood Is­land’ noted for ikat tex­tiles (5) 23 Au­thor of West­ward Ho!, The WaterBa­bies and the poem Easter Week (8) 24 Col­lec­tive name for med­i­cal pro­ce­dures per­formed in theatre (7) 25 Chil­dren’s au­thor noted for Good­night Mis­ter Tom and Just Henry (8) 26 String of coloured fab­ric/paper flags (7) 27 One of the largest Ox­ford col­leges (5) 30 Beatrix ____; the Bride or Black Mamba played by Uma Thur­man in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill (5) 32 An­other word for a ten­don (5) 34 La _____; re­gion of Spain (5) 35 De­scrip­tion of ecru or li­nen (10) 37 Va­ri­ety of let­tuce that can be braised in but­ter, stock and cream with

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