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What are they? The thing that makes serums so spe­cial and pow­er­ful is their tex­ture. They have a silky, vel­vety, not-quite-runny, not-quite­creamy, gel-like con­sis­tency that al­lows for a higher in­clu­sion and con­cen­tra­tion of pow­er­ful skin in­gre­di­ents.

They feel ex­cep­tion­ally light­weight on the skin but pack a se­ri­ously pow­er­ful in­gre­di­ent punch and this is be­cause they don’t con­tain the heav­ier in­gre­di­ents that you’d find in mois­turis­ers.

Be­cause their pri­mary fo­cus is to get all the won­der in­gre­di­ents into the skin to com­bat is­sues such as fine lines, pig­men­ta­tion, lack of elas­tic­ity or smooth­ing the skin sur­face, they don’t al­ways ad­dress all the is­sues that a con­ven­tional mois­turiser does. Some find it best to wear it un­der­neath more prod­uct; oth­ers may find a serum is all they need. Who are they best for? There is a serum for ev­ery skin type and tone; that is the power of serums. And there isn’t a skin is­sue that doesn’t have a cor­re­spond­ing serum to solve it. In short, ev­ery­one and any­one should have at least one serum in their skin­care arse­nal at all times.

The key in­gre­di­ents you’re look­ing for are the big skin­care play­ers. If it’s wrin­kles you want to com­bat then a serum packed with retinol and pep­tides is what you need. Oily skins that are prone to break­outs and en­larged pores need to look for sal­i­cylic acid and niaci­namide. For faces that need ex­tra glow, vi­ta­min C will help even out skin tone and add bright­ness. De­hy­drated skin? Hyaluronic acid is a must, as are ce­ram­ics that help smooth out un­even skin tex­ture.


Chanel Hy­dra Beauty Mi­cro Serum, Dh657 For de­hy­drated skins that also want to tackle the signs of age­ing. It con­tains camel­lia mi­cro-droplets; bub­bles that only fuse into the skin on ap­pli­ca­tion. Guer­lain Abeille Royale Serum, Dh855 This clever serum aims to tackle all the stresses your skin goes through dur­ing the day, prevent­ing what are known as ‘mi­cro-tears’ by boost­ing the heal­ing mech­a­nisms in the skin. Elemis Pro-Col­la­gen Su­per Serum Elixir, Dh419 Packed with ma­rine al­gaes that act as nat­u­ral fillers for the face, this plumps and smooths fine lines while also deeply mois­tur­is­ing.

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