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What are they? Fa­cial oils have a bit of a bad rep­u­ta­tion for fear they will leave skin look­ing and feel­ing greasy. Of course an oil by name is an oil by na­ture, so they do have a dense and slip­pery con­sis­tency, but ap­pli­ca­tion is key to get­ting the best out of an oil.

A few drops are all you need and it’s best to mas­sage them thor­oughly into the face and down the neck. Not only does this aid ab­sorp­tion but en­cour­ages bet­ter cir­cu­la­tion, re­sult­ing in plumper, glowier skin. And if there is ex­cess, don’t waste it – rub that golden elixir into your hands, el­bows, arms, knees… wher­ever!

Oils are worth your at­ten­tion be­cause they con­tain a higher con­cen­tra­tion of nat­u­ral an­tiox­i­dants, which your skin needs to limit the pro­duc­tion of free rad­i­cals, which oc­cur when your skin is put un­der stress from things like pol­lu­tion, UV rays, bad diet and not enough sleep.

A lot of oils are nat­u­rally derived, so con­tain po­tent in­gre­di­ents from plants that are lipophilic, which means they are ab­sorbed a lot more eas­ily into the lipid layer of your skin and make your skin more wa­ter re­sis­tant, keep­ing hy­dra­tion locked in. Who are they best for? Much like serums, there is an oil for ev­ery skin type and con­cern and this may vary, so you may want to keep a few close at hand de­pend­ing on what your skin needs at that time. ‘Fa­cial oils add nu­tri­tion and mois­ture to the skin and are a great op­tion if your skin has un­der­gone any rad­i­cal changes such as ex­po­sure to a dif­fer­ent cli­mate, stale air in an aero­plane or a change in hor­mones,’ says Su-Man. It takes time for your skin to fully ab­sorb an oil, so they are best used at night or on a make-up-free day as any­thing that goes on top of an oil will slip and slide slightly.


Clar­ins Blue Orchid, Dh218 This classic was cre­ated in 1965 for use dur­ing pro­fes­sional treat­ments at the Clar­ins In­sti­tute in Paris. Af­ter years of clients de­mand­ing to get their hands on this re­hy­drat­ing won­der, it went on the mar­ket. It’s ideal on skin-sap­ping flights and it smells divine. Estée Lauder Ad­vanced Night Re­pair Re­cov­ery Mask-In-Oil, Dh353 This cult beauty prod­uct has had a makeover with an added lipid com­plex com­bined into the serum base. The added oilier com­po­nents pro­vide an im­por­tant source of Omega 3 and Omega 6, which strengthen the skin and help it look younger as you sleep. Aveda Tu­lasara Ra­di­ant Oleation Oil, AED 280 Derived from six plant oils, this nat­u­ral oil not only is per­fect for all skin types to help re­bal­ance the skin and add se­ri­ous mois­ture but also works on Ayurvedic prin­ci­ples that help calm the mind and body so make sure to take some deep, heal­ing breaths as you mas­sage this into your skin.

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