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Q I’ve heard that but­ter cof­fee helps you lose weight. Is this true, and how does it work?

A The no­tion that fat makes you gain weight is the big­gest nu­tri­tion lie you’ve ever heard. In fact, go­ing low fat can make you sick in many ways as your en­tire hor­monal sys­tem takes a hit. Around 80 per cent of your hor­mones are made from fat. So when you have is­sues like stub­born fat, hor­monal im­bal­ances like PCOS, en­dometrio­sis and thy­roid prob­lems, con­sum­ing the right sort of fat be­comes cru­cial. Or­ganic but­ter is a great source of MCT (Medium Chain Triglyc­eride) fat. The ad­van­tage it has over veg­etable fat is in the way your body metabolises it. It does not get stored in your body as fat and in­stead gets used up very quickly by your sys­tem. When you have or­ganic but­ter blended with cof­fee pow­der and hot wa­ter first thing in the morn­ing, it helps you burn fat by switch­ing on your fat­burn­ing hor­mones. This has an in­sulin-blunt­ing ef­fect on your body. In­sulin, be­ing an an­abolic hor­mone, makes fat cells in your body. When your body pro­duces just the optimal amount, the vi­cious cy­cle of gain­ing fat, crav­ing su­gar, and get­ting hun­gry all the time ceases. Just make sure you add a lot more fibre into your diet.

RASHI CHOWDHARY is a nu­tri­tion­ist, di­a­betes ed­u­ca­tor and cre­ator of The Pro­tein Bake Shop

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