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Cross­word and sudoku brain-teasers.


1 Nom­i­nated for the No­bel Prize in Lit­er­a­ture in 16 dif­fer­ent years, the nov­el­ist who wrote A Room with a View, Howards End and A Pas­sage to In­dia (7) 5 Sweet­ened, fruit-flavoured, Greek- or Swiss-style, a food in its plain form that can be used to age/weather new ter­ra­cotta pots and planters (6) 8 Wild ______; com­mon name for ram­sons, a plant with an un­mis­tak­able scent grow­ing abun­dantly in the UK in shaded, damp wood­lands from April on­wards (6) 13 A honey farmer/api­cul­tur­ist (9) 14 Les _____; group/brother­hood of Post-Im­pres­sion­ist avant-garde artists that in­cluded Pierre Bon­nard, Mau­rice De­nis and Edouard Vuil­lard (5) 15 The Ghost of Thomas _____; novel for chil­dren by Pene­lope Lively (5) 16 South Amer­i­can com­poser noted for adap­ta­tions of the tra­di­tional Venezue­lan waltz for guitar (5) 17 Bi­valve mol­luscs con­sid­ered lux­ury foods, said to be best eaten dur­ing months con­tain­ing the let­ter ‘R’ when the sea is at its cold­est (7) 18 _______ Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde; Robert Louis Steven­son novella whose ti­tle has in part be­come a syn­onym for mul­ti­ple per­son­al­ity disor­der (7) 19 Pi­ano ______ No 14 in C Sharp Mi­nor; pop­u­larly called Moon­light, one of Beethoven’s best-known pi­ano pieces (6) 20 Sailor hero in the Ara­bian Nights (6) 22 Leather or wooden de­vice used to fas­ten a Scout’s neck­er­chief (6) 25 The Mur­der at the ________; one of Agatha Christie’s crime nov­els set in the quaint fic­tional vil­lage St Mary Mead (8) 27 His­tor­i­cally known as Hadding­ton­shire, Scot­land’s sun­ni­est re­gion of­fi­cially, site of its Na­tional Mu­seum of Flight (4,7) 30 Ed­i­ble al­gae such as green laver or nori; a for­aged food with a plen­ti­ful sup­ply along the UK’s coast­line (3,7) 32 Con­spir­acy fab­ri­cated by Ti­tus Oates in 1678 re­sult­ing in mul­ti­ple ex­e­cu­tions (6,4) 35 Latin name of dog’s-tooth vi­o­let, a plant with sul­phur-yel­low flow­ers re­lated to a species re­sem­bling cy­cla­men (11) 37 A guinea fowl, grouse, partridge, pheas­ant, quail or wood­cock, es­pe­cially when hunted and shot for food (4,4) 39 Van der ____ ____; Flem­ish artist whose works in­clude The De­scent from the Cross, Beaune Al­tar­piece (The Last Judge­ment) and Por­trait of a Lady (6) 41 Ir­ish au­thor whose nov­els in­clude The Coun­try Girls, Au­gust Is a Wicked Month and The Light of Evening (1’5) 42 Earthen­ware pieces placed at the bot­tom of plant pots to aid drainage or pre­vent com­post from wash­ing away; cups, mugs, plates, bowls etc; or, large jar-like con­tain­ers for bread (6) 46 Dig for _______; Sec­ond World War cam­paign en­cour­ag­ing peo­ple to grow their own veg­eta­bles dur­ing ra­tioning; or, a word as­so­ci­ated with Beethoven’s Sym­phony No 5 (7) 48 De­scrip­tion of an area densely cov­ered

by build­ings; or, ac­cord­ing to the Bri­tish High­way Code, an area where the speed limit of a road is 30mph (5-2) 49 Sun-fac­ing side of a moun­tains­lope (5) 50 Type of plain in Latin Amer­ica (5) 51 Method of com­mu­ni­ca­tion in which numbers/letters are rep­re­sented by dots, dashes and code rhythms (5) 52 Dutch phys­i­ol­o­gist who in­vented the first elec­tro­car­dio­graph (ECG) (9) 53 Es­sen­tial oil dis­tilled from the flow­ers of the Seville (bit­ter) orange (6) 54 With a David Austin rose named af­ter her, a hor­ti­cul­tur­ist and for­mer Coun­try Life con­trib­u­tor re­mem­bered for col­lab­o­ra­tions with Sir Ed­win Lu­tyens (6) 55 A char­ac­ter in The Tem­pest; a moon or­bit­ing the sev­enth planet from the Sun; or, a Bri­tish sit­com star­ring a come­di­enne of the same name (7)


1 Term for a sto­ry­teller such as Ae­sop (8) 2 Scot­tish artist ap­pointed George IV’s por­trait painter and lim­ner in 1823 (7) 3 An­nual event con­tested be­tween row­ing crews from Ox­ford and Cam­bridge (3,4,4) 4 Land­scapist con­sid­ered the suc­ces­sor to Ca­pa­bil­ity Brown, whose de­signs in­clude those at the gar­dens/grounds of Cob­ham Hall, Dyrham Park, Hare­wood House and the Lon­gleat es­tate (6) 5 With the un­of­fi­cial an­them On Ilkla Moor Baht ’at, ‘God’s Own County’ (9) 6 Soft drink va­ri­ety and a pic­nic sta­ple of Ju­lian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy in The Fa­mous Five books (6,4) 7 Genus of the ed­i­ble cur­rants (black, white or red) and the goose­berry (5) 9 In­ven­tor of the spin­ning frame; or, Granville’s un­cle in Open All Hours (9) 10 Per­tain­ing to the SI unit of flux ‘lm’ (ei­ther spelling ac­cepted) (7) 11 Anne of ______; fourth wife of Henry VIII (6) 12 Ab­bre­vi­a­tion of amounts equal to 5ml, used as mea­sure­ments in cook­ery (4) 21 Sit­u­ated in Baf­fin Bay, the sec­ond­largest is­land of Green­land (5) 22 Au­thor of chil­dren’s books in­clud­ing Billionaire Boy and De­mon Den­tist (8) 23 Hedgerow shrub also known as may (8) 24 First name of one of the Mit­ford sis­ters; or, term for the num­ber one (5) 26 Coun­try with a na­tional foot­ball team nick­named the Az­zurri (the Blues) (5) 28 Pul­ley trans­mit­ting no power but sup­port­ing a mov­ing belt or rope (5) 29 County, site of Tip­tree where the rare ‘Lit­tle Scar­let’ straw­ber­ries grow (5) 31 Khaki cot­ton twill for trousers (5) 33 Seller of sew­ing items – but­tons, zips, rib­bons, items for 34 Down, etc (11) 34 Form of needle­work in­volv­ing stitch­ing pictures, mono­grams or dec­o­ra­tive ac­cents on tex­tiles (10) 36 De­vice that raises a boat’s hull from the wa­ter as its speed in­creases (9) 37 Chief signet of the Crown on of­fi­cial UK doc­u­ments, green, blue or scar­let (5,4) 38 Yoga de­vel­oped by K Pat­tabhi Jois (8) 40 French term for ‘not in code’ (2,5) 43 Col­lec­tive noun for a group of trav­ellers; or, a shepherd’s hut-like ve­hi­cle de­picted in paint­ings by Mun­nings (7) 44 Arthurian isle as­so­ci­ated with Glas­ton­bury; or, a novel by Anya Se­ton (6) 45 Per­son af­ter whom a dis­cov­ery, place, brand or in­ven­tion is named (6) 47 Sweet potato-like tu­bers (4) 48 Type of canal-boat for­merly drawn by a draught horse on an ad­ja­cent tow­path (5) So­lu­tions will be given next week. The last date for en­tries is May 23. The win­ner of this cross­word will be an­nounced on June 2. The win­ner of the May 5 cross­word is Rajeev Dudeja, UAE.

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