Friday - - Ramadan Recipe Special -

Prep time about 45 mins Bak­ing time 1 hour Serves 8-10 FOR THE PAS­TRY 400g cake flour 200g but­ter, diced 1 egg yolk 75ml cold wa­ter FOR THE FILL­ING 800g ri­cotta cheese 2 gar­lic cloves, finely chopped 1 egg, whisked Hand­ful fresh basil leaves, finely chopped 100g pit­ted black olives 100g pit­ted green olives 1 large yellow tomato 2 large red toma­toes 1 egg, beaten, for brush­ing the pas­try Blitz flour and but­ter in a food pro­ces­sor. Add egg yolk and wa­ter and blitz again to make a dough. Re­move from the food pro­ces­sor and wrap in cling film. Let dough rest for about 30 min­utes in the fridge. Mean­while make the fill­ing. Pre­heat oven to 200°C. Put ri­cotta cheese in a large mix­ing bowl. Add gar­lic, egg, basil and olives and mix well. Sea­son with salt and pep­per. Re­move the pas­try from the fridge and on a floured sur­face roll out a large cir­cle about 35cm in di­am­e­ter. Put the pas­try cir­cle on a large bak­ing sheet lined with bak­ing pa­per. Spoon fill­ing on pas­try, leav­ing a 5-6cm pas­try edge clear. Slice toma­toes and ar­range on top of the fill­ing. Sea­son toma­toes with salt and pep­per. Fold the pas­try edge over the fill­ing. Brush pas­try with beaten egg and bake for 1 hour. Serve hot.


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