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1 French artist whose paint­ings in­clude Mu­sic in the Tui­leries, The Lun­cheon on the Grass, The Races at Longchamp, Por­trait of Irma Brun­ner and As­para­gus (5)

4 With shapes in­clud­ing delta wing, di­a­mond and dragon, a frame­work flown on the end of a con­trol line as a tra­di­tional beach ac­tiv­ity (4)

7 Root veg­etable re­lated to the parsnip eaten roasted, puréed as soup or grated raw and served with ré­moulade or bresola as a canapé (8)

14 Nor­we­gian an­thro­pol­o­gist and ex­plorer who voy­aged around 5,000 miles across the Pa­cific Ocean in his balsa-wood boat Kon-Tiki (9)

15 James and the Gi­ant __ _ _ _; novel for chil­dren by Roald Dahl about an or­phan liv­ing in­side a huge mag­i­cal fruit (5)

16 A gate­keeper’s house; small coun­try dwelling re­served for sea­sonal ski­ing/ shoot­ing trips; a beaver’s den; or, the res­i­dence of a head of a col­lege (5)

17 Au­thor of self-il­lus­trated po­etry col­lec­tions in­clud­ing The English­woman, A Good Time was Had By All and Not Wav­ing But Drown­ing (5)

18 Tra­di­tional mousse-like Scot­tish cheese served with oat­cakes, car­away bis­cuits, and the like (7)

19 Ei­ther of a pair of iron foot sup­ports on ei­ther side of a sad­dle from which a ‘part­ing cup’ de­rives its name (7)

20 Orig­i­nat­ing with Levi Strauss’s 501s, gar­ment(s) with styles in­clud­ing skinny, mom, boyfriend, flared, straight, low rise, high rise or baggy (5)

21 ______ of the Sun; JG Bal­lard novel adapted to screen by Steven Spiel­berg (6)

23 Tra­di­tional Na­tive Amer­i­can dwelling; or, a gar­den struc­ture used to sup­port sweet peas, run­ner beans, morn­ing glory, etc (6)

27 Ar­chi­tec­tural style that can be seen in the UK in Inigo Jones projects in­clud­ing Queen’s House at Green­wich and Ban­quet­ing House in White­hall or in Colen Camp­bell’s Stour­head House (9)

29 Dusty or muted green colour used in Scot­tish tweed and woollen gar­ments for coun­try at­tire (5)

30 Sit­u­ated partly in the Milky Way be­tween Lu­pus and Ara, the ‘Rule’ or ‘Car­pen­ter’s Square’ con­stel­la­tion (5)

32 __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ mol­lis; English coun­try­gar­den plant known as lady’s man­tle that can be paired with camomile, love-in-a-mist, del­phinium, lily of the valley, cow pars­ley, etc in sum­mer flower ar­range­ments (10)

34 __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Rev­o­lu­tion; pe­riod of de­vel­op­ment char­ac­terised by the rise of steam power and mass pro­duc­tion of goods that saw protests by the Lud­dites (10)

37 Bel­gian painter who formed part of Les XX, best-known for his macabre and flamboyant im­agery (5)

39 Ital­ian me­dieval cop­per coin that was worth one-twen­ti­eth of a lira (5)

40 __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ tea; tra­di­tional Bri­tish meal of scones, crum­pets, cakes, fin­ger sand­wiches and the like – ei­ther at home

or in a shady part of the gar­den (9)

41 Tra­di­tional spring­time fes­ti­val cel­e­brated by an old cus­tom of danc­ing around a pole (3,3)

43 Cloth used for deck chairs, sails, tents, or as a medium to sup­port oil paints (6)

44 Part of a Ja­panese scab­bard that sounds sim­i­lar to a Ja­panese area unit (5)

49 With de­clin­ing pop­u­la­tions since the 1980s-90s, a bird as­so­ci­ated with a Cock­ney greet­ing/term of fa­mil­iar­ity (7)

51 Huguenot pot­ter noted for his ‘rus­tiques figu­lines’ style – items dec­o­rated with casts of lizards, shell­fish, snakes, etc with vivid glazes (7)

52 Struc­tures for pro­tect­ing gar­den fruit and veg­eta­bles from birds (5)

53 First prime min­is­ter of In­dia (5)

54 Grain stalks used to make boaters (5)

55 Prac­tice of spy­ing or of us­ing spies (9)

56 Nat­u­ral­ist, or­nithol­o­gist and artist who wrote the first mod­ern field guides (8)

57 Gar­den tool with a row of tines (4)

58 Game with a sim­i­lar con­cept to pick-up sticks but with wooden blocks (5)


2 No stop­ping at ___ _____; rule in­di­cated on Bri­tish Red Route high­way signs (3,4)

3 Form of por­ous clay pot­tery (11)

5 With the Tyn­wald as its leg­is­la­ture, the crown de­pen­dency where cy­clist Mark Cavendish was born (4,2,3)

6 Style of shoe with a jute sole, ei­ther flat or with a wedge heel (10)

7 Cran­borne _____; AONB over­lap­ping the English bound­aries of Dorset, Hamp­shire Som­er­set and Wilt­shire (5)

8 Kilns used for an­neal­ing glass (5)

9 _______ __ the Deep; song by Adele (7,2) 10 Mi­crostate in the Pyre­nees (7)

11 Game gov­erned by FIDE (5)

12 Word link­ing with ‘work’ for the con­struc­tion of quilts from swatches (5)

13 Mean­ing ‘wasp’, a brand of scooter man­u­fac­tured by Pi­ag­gio with a big brother called Ape (mean­ing ‘bee’) (5)

22 Name in Devon and Cornwall for a quartz-por­phyry with a blue va­ri­ety (5)

23 Neo­prene gar­ments worn for div­ing, surf­ing, kitesurf­ing and triathlon (8)

24 Short ti­tle of the po­si­tion cur­rently held by John Ber­cow (7)

25 Bal­let dancer who chore­ographed De­bussy’s L’Après-midi d’un faune (8)

26 Singer-song­writer and gui­tarist who has released six al­bums in­clud­ing I Speak Be­cause I Can and Sem­per Fem­ina (7)

28 Film-maker noted for the Star Wars and In­di­ana Jones trilo­gies (5)

31 White _____; short name of a species of her­bi­vore that is the largest land mam­mal af­ter the ele­phant (5)

33 Colour close to mauve and pur­ple (5)

35 Greek Muse of dance and cho­rus (11)

36 Plant with vivid blue petals used to flavour Twin­ings Lady Grey tea (10)

38 Bird shot on the Glo­ri­ous Twelfth (3,6)

40 Moun­tain in Sri Lanka cel­e­brated as a place of pil­grim­age (5,4)

42 Mytho­log­i­cal Greek weaver who was trans­formed into a spi­der by Athena (7)

45 Ac­cord­ing to cos­mo­log­i­cal the­o­ries, the event/ex­plo­sion that led to the formation of the uni­verse (3,4)

46 Any pos­ture adopted in hatha yoga (5)

47 Gen­eral name for a spir­i­tual or myth­i­cal be­ing as­so­ci­ated with air (5)

48 Genus of the Michael­mas daisy (5)

50 Flocks of snipe col­lec­tively (5)

51 Ar­gen­tine po­lit­i­cal fig­ure ‘Evita’ (5)

So­lu­tions will be given next week. The last date for en­tries is May 30. The win­ner of this crossword will be an­nounced on June 9. The win­ner of the May 12 crossword is Jim Martin, UAE.

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