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Crossword and sudoku brain-teasers.


1 Painter of princes, hunts, bat­tles, nudes, mytho­log­i­cal and re­li­gious scenes __ _ _ _ _ his works in­clude Venus and Ado­nis, The Tiger Hunt, The Great Last Judge­ment and The Tri­umph of Henry IV (6) 4 Ro­man general who played a part in the naval vic­to­ries over Mark Antony; he was a close friend, son-in-law and ad­viser of Oc­ta­vian (later Au­gus­tus) (7) 8 Al­fresco meal tra­di­tion­ally served from a ham­per; or, linked with ‘loaf’, a bloomer or cob with var­i­ous fill­ings to be shared be­tween a group at such a meal (6) 14 County where the Duchess of Cam­bridge was born, site of As­cot, Buck­le­bury, New­bury, Pang­bourne, Wind­sor Cas­tle and the Great Park (9) 15 Move­ment(s) co­or­di­nated by a chore­og­ra­pher; or, an ac­tor who starred in Alien 3, Gos­ford Park, The Im­i­ta­tion Game and Game of Thrones (5) 16 With an English species, the ox-eye, mar­guerite and ger­bera, a wild flower used to make chains and crowns, said to sym­bol­ise in­no­cence, pu­rity and new be­gin­nings (5) 17 Ro­ma­nian-French Ab­sur­dist play­wright who wrote about char­ac­ters Mr and Mrs Smith in The Bald So­prano and Bérenger in Rhi­noc­eros (7) 18 __ _ _ _ run­ning; sport/ex­er­cise taken in the great out­doors rather than on tar­mac, roads or ar­ti­fi­cial tracks (5) 19 Ac­tor born Norma Jeane Morten­son; or, the fifth US pres­i­dent, one of the found­ing fa­thers (6) 21 With an English breed, an Ir­ish breed and a black and tan breed named af­ter a Duke of Gordon, an ac­tive, charis­matic gun dog with a keen game sense (6) 23 ______ of Friends; book by Maeve Binchy that was made into a film star­ring Chris O’Don­nell and Colin Firth (6) 25 A cou­plet; or, pair of verse lines (7) 27 French word for an or­na­men­tal kitchen gar­den – a plot of veg­etable plants in­ter­spersed with herbs, laven­der, roses, fruit trees, dwarf box, Jerusalem ar­ti­chokes and the like (7) 29 Skill of rid­ing horses; an Olympic sport that com­bines showjump­ing, dres­sage and cross-coun­try (13) 31 King for less than a year as he stepped down to marry Wal­lis Simp­son; the only Bri­tish sov­er­eign to abdicate vol­un­tar­ily (6,1,1,1,1) 33 Oval-shaped fruit used canned, straight from the vine or in the form of pas­sata for Bolog­nese sauce, pizza top­ping or ragù for pappardelle (4,6) 36 Form of sed­i­men­tary rock quar­ried in Dorset that has been used for build­ings in­clud­ing St Paul’s Cathe­dral and Buck­ing­ham Palace (8,5) 39 County, site of San­dring­ham House and Cromer (where Arthur Co­nan Doyle is said to have con­ceived the idea for The Hound of the Baskervilles) (7) 40 Com­poser of the li­bretti for Mozart’s Mar­riage of Fi­garo, Don Gio­vanni and Così fan tutte (2,5)

42 Fa­cial area prone to puffi­ness as a re­sult of fa­tigue, age, salt ex­cess (6) 43 Dutch graphic artist whose works in­clude Day and Night, Draw­ing Hands and As­cend­ing and De­scend­ing (6) 47 Busi­ness­man who es­tab­lished a store in Knights­bridge with a gourmet food hall and sig­na­ture green bags (6) 49 Al­ter­na­tive strat­egy; or, an al­bum by Huey Lewis and the News (4,1) 50 Mytho­log­i­cal beast; a sup­porter with a golden lion on the Royal Arms (7) 53 Rus­sian city for­merly Vy­atka (5) 54 Col­lar style, not crew or scoop (1-4) 55 Driv­ing at or above max rpm (9) 56 Pink­ing______; sewing/craft­ing tool (6) 57 Ab­sence of law or govern­ment (7) 58 Miss ______; mu­si­cal based on Gi­a­como Puccini’s opera Madame But­ter­fly (6)


1 An­i­mals de­picted in lit­er­a­ture by Richard Adams, Beatrix Pot­ter, Ali­son Ut­t­ley, Margery Wil­liams and oth­ers (7) 2 Mem­ber of an or­der, not of the peer­age or knigh­tage, but an en­tirely sep­a­rate dig­nity of their own (7) 3 Shapes/forms of meringue to be filled with sum­mer berries and fresh cream (5) 5 Short name of a ma­jor dis­as­ter that oc­curred in Lon­don in 1666 (5,4) 6 Bot­tle-shaped de­vice for in­creas­ing shoul­der strength/flex­i­bil­ity (6,4) 7 Board form­ing part of a trip­tych (5) 9 Coun­try with the cap­i­tal Jakarta (9) 10 The cap­i­tal of Kenya (7) 11 Low sandy islets or coral reefs (4) 12 Va­ri­ety of French mus­tard (5) 13 Word link­ing with ‘work’ for co­op­er­a­tion be­tween hu­mans (4) 20 The national em­blem of Ire­land (8) 22 Moun­tain of the Ber­nese Alps with a north face nick­named ‘mur­der wall’ (5) 24 Tri­pod for a can­vas or a sketch­book (5) 25 City in North Rhine-West­phalia, one of Ger­many’s first brew­ing cen­tres (8) 26 De­picted in mem­oirs by Peter Mayle and later a mini-se­ries star­ring John Thaw, a re­gion of France with a laven­der sea­son be­tween June and Au­gust (8) 27 Swim­merets of crabs and lob­sters (8) 28 __ _ _ _ of Lon­don; fortress that will fall if its guardian ravens ever leave, ac­cord­ing to leg­end (5) 30 The US Gem State (5) 32 Chil­dren, de­scen­dants or prog­eny; or a pub­li­ca­tion form­ing part of a se­ries; (5) 34 Root­stock of a species of iris (5) 35 An­other name for a fu­nam­bu­list (4-6) 37 Bri­tish brand of off-road and 4x4 ve­hi­cles that in­cludes the De­fender and Dis­cov­ery and Free­lander (4,5) 38 Scot­tish cap­i­tal; the world’s first city with an or­gan­ised fire ser­vice (9) 41 Type of grassy biome grow­ing in all con­ti­nents apart from Antarc­tica (7) 44 Fit­ness, dance, move­ment and hula per­formed with a plas­tic band (7) 45 Physi­cist who dis­cov­ered X-rays (7) 46 Man­aged by the Land­mark Trust, an is­land in the Bristol Chan­nel noted for bird life in­clud­ing puffins (5) 48 Sym­bol­is­ing love and peace, a bird that can be kept in a cote (4) 49 Mytho­log­i­cal Greek physi­cian; or, a lyric to Apollo or Artemis (5) 51 ‘White Isle’ form­ing part of the Balearics with a pop­u­lar club scene (5) 52 Runners de­signed to be worn with bind­ings, boots and sa­lopettes (4)

Solutions will be given next week. The last date for en­tries is June 6. The win­ner of this crossword will be an­nounced on June 16. The win­ner of the May 19 crossword is Olivia Ro­drigues, UAE.

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