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Prep time 1 hour Serves 4 1 cup rolled oats A pinch of ground cin­na­mon 1 cup milk 3 kiwi fruit, peeled and puréed 1 cup Greek yo­gurt 2 small red ap­ples, thinly sliced 75g pome­gran­ate ar­ils 50g pis­ta­chios, chopped 4 tbsp honey, to driz­zle Place the oats and cin­na­mon in a bowl, pour over milk, cover with cling film and re­frig­er­ate for 1 hour. Mix to­gether the kiwi purée and yo­gurt. To as­sem­ble, di­vide the oats be­tween 4 bowls, and top with ap­ple slices and the kiwi-yo­gurt mix­ture. Sprin­kle with pome­gran­ate ar­ils and nuts and driz­zle with honey.

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