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1 With Wil­liam Henry Fox Tal­bot’s for­mer abbey and home at its heart, a Na­tional Trust vil­lage in Wilt­shire, where scenes from Cran­ford, Pride and Prej­u­dice and Down­ton Abbey were filmed (6) 4 Cloth with a num­ber of culi­nary uses in­clud­ing mak­ing bou­quet gar­nis, strain­ing jel­lies/jams/cheeses and fil­ter­ing stocks or con­som­més (6) 8 Royal _______; founded by Robert Boyle, Sir Christo­pher Wren and oth­ers and granted a royal char­ter by Charles II, the UK’s na­tional sci­ence acad­emy (7) 13 Town in Fife that is home to Scot­land’s old­est univer­sity (2,7) 14 Cot­tage gar­den peren­nial plant with spikes of flow­ers in all colours grow­ing in all parts of the world, no­tably the shores of Lake Tekapo in New Zealand (5) 15 A per­son who par­tic­i­pates in an out­door wa­ter sport in­volv­ing oar­ing or sculling, ei­ther com­pet­i­tively at a re­gatta, or just for recre­ation (5) 16 Per­son skilled in a trade that in­volves mak­ing things by hand, such as bread, jew­ellery, cheese, dec­o­ra­tive arts, mar­bled pa­per, sta­tionery etc. (7) 17 Cave-dwelling be­ing de­picted in fairy tales, folk­lore and mythol­ogy as a giant or a dwarf; or, a per­son who de­lib­er­ately tries to cause trou­ble on the in­ter­net (5) 18 Or­gan­ised en­sem­bles of singers; groups of in­stru­ments of the same fam­ily play­ing to­gether; or, sets of strings for harp­si­chords (6) 20 Con­tain­ing the world’s long­est river, the largest hot desert and home to the big­gest land mam­mal, the sec­ond-largest con­ti­nent on Earth (6) 22 Nut-like ker­nel eaten roasted and smoked as a snack or ground in ko­rma, romesco sauce or cakes con­tain­ing lemon and po­lenta (6) 24 With the chief town Brno, the east­ern part of the Czech Repub­lic with Sile­sia (7) 26 Iconic land­mark in Canada that was the world’s tallest self-sup­port­ing man-made struc­ture from 1974-2010 (1,1,5) 28 Mean­ing ‘style’ in Dutch, the art move­ment founded by Theo van Does­burg and Piet Mon­drian (2,5) 29 Word ap­pended to the sur­name of the se­nior of two broth­ers at the same school for boys; or, a rank above cap­tain (5) 31 An en­clo­sure for rear­ing the game birds known col­lec­tively as a bou­quet, brace, covey, fesynes and nide (10) 33 Ducks from Buck­ing­hamshire (10) 36 Enid Bly­ton’s Toy­land char­ac­ter with a friend called Big Ears (5) 38 Prime min­is­ter ‘HH’ who in­tro­duced pen­sions and so­cial in­sur­ance re­forms (7) 40 Course of treat­ment – diet, ex­er­cise, med­i­ca­tion, life­style changes etc. (7) 41 In agri­cul­ture, the process of pre­par­ing land for grow­ing crops (7) 43 Known as the fa­ther of mod­ern vac­cines, one of three sci­en­tists who shared the No­bel Prize in Phys­i­ol­ogy or Medicine in 1954 (6)

44 Latin word for swan; or, the con­stel­la­tion con­tain­ing Deneb (6) 48 Edited by Kate Rear­don, the monthly magazine is­sued since 1901 with the an­nual ‘Lit­tle Black Book’ list (6) 50 Shot to start a point in ten­nis (5) 51 Ve­hi­cle of the Nasa Space Shut­tle with a pres­surised crew com­part­ment (7) 54 Lord __ _ _ _-Pow­ell; founder of the move­ment with the motto ‘Be Pre­pared’ who wrote the non­sense song Ging Gang Goolie (5) 55 Group of olive or or­ange trees (5) 56 Wal­ter Isaac­son’s bi­og­ra­phy about the late Ap­ple Inc. co-founder that was adapted by Danny Boyle as a film (5,4) 57 Is­land at the south­ern­most point of Ice­land formed by vol­canic erup­tions (7) 58 1905 novel by Bram Stoker (3,3) 59 Race for money con­trib­uted by the own­ers of the horses run­ning (6)


1 Ab­bre­vi­ated name of the opera house in Mi­lan where Bellini, Puc­cini, Verdi and other com­posers first had their works per­formed (2,5) 2 Book di­vi­sion; pe­riod in his­tory/life; or, a Ro­man nu­meral on a clock/watch face (7) 3 Ciphers cracked by cryp­tog­ra­phers (5) 5 In me­te­o­rol­ogy, word used to de­scribe weather con­di­tions li­able to change (9) 6 Non-heart­ing Ital­ian leaf veg­etable also called red coral let­tuce (5,5) 7 Coun­try be­tween China and In­dia with the cap­i­tal Kath­mandu, site of eight out of the 10 high­est peaks in the world (5) 8 Word link­ing with sub, su­per or hy­per for a speed ra­tio with a Mach num­ber (5) 9 Type of map rep­re­sent­ing sta­tis­ti­cal data in di­a­gram­matic form (9) 10 One of the ‘Princes in the Tower’ (6,1) 11 Tra­di­tional Mon­go­lian tent (4) 12 Sym­bol­is­ing en­dur­ing friend­ship, loy­alty and hon­our, a flo­ral sym­bol of China with plum blos­som (5) 19 Lead gui­tarist of the Bea­tles (8) 21 Sea­port off the Solent that hosts an an­nual re­gatta – a high­light of the Bri­tish sport­ing sum­mer fol­low­ing Glo­ri­ous Good­wood (5) 23 Lace or lacy-pa­per type of mat that can be used for craft­ing ac­tiv­i­ties (5) 24 Fruit tree eaten by silk­worms (8) 25 Provençal dip of salt cod, poach­ing milk, pars­ley-in­fused olive oil and gar­lic (8) 26 Tra­di­tional Si­cil­ian aubergine stew (8) 27 Scot­tish river; or, a wo­ven tex­tile (5) 30 Large bowl for tea or punch (5) 32 Pi­casso’s sec­ond wife Jac­que­line; or, an Amer­i­can ver­sion of cro­quet (5) 34 Ve­hi­cle for trav­el­ing over dunes and beaches; or, one steered with a kite (5) 35 Largest nat­u­ral lake in Eng­land (10) 37 Horses aged be­tween one and two (9) 39 Peach-coloured di­a­mond in the Lou­vre; or, a name for the hy­drangea (9) 42 Hero’s drowned lover in Greek myth (7) 45 A sys­tem of in­ter­con­nected com­puter de­vices; or, another name for a plexus (7) 46 Fruit formed from a group of flow­ers, such as a pineap­ple, fig or one that grows on the tree de­scribed in 24D (7) 47 Shady place un­der trees; a coun­try cot­tage/sum­mer­house; or, a boudoir (5) 49 Game based on scor­ing tries (5) 50 Mam­mal known as an er­mine with its white win­ter coat (5) 52 Naval port in Brit­tany that hosts an an­nual mar­itime fes­ti­val (5) 53 Bird re­lated to the spoon­bill (4) Solutions will be given next week. The last date for en­tries is June 13. The win­ner of this cross­word will be an­nounced on June 23. The win­ner of the May 26 cross­word is M. Shahul Hameed.

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