NES: The signs

Friday - - Sleep Special -

1 The per­son has lit­tle or no ap­petite for break­fast. De­lays first meal for sev­eral hours af­ter wak­ing up. Is not hun­gry or is up­set about how much was eaten the night be­fore. 2 Eats more food af­ter din­ner than dur­ing that meal. 3 Eats more than half of daily food in­take dur­ing and af­ter din­ner but be­fore break­fast. May leave the bed to snack at night. 4 This pat­tern has per­sisted for at least two months. 5 Per­son feels tense, anx­ious, up­set, or guilty while eat­ing. 6 NES is thought to be stress-re­lated and is of­ten ac­com­pa­nied by de­pres­sion. Es­pe­cially at night, the per­son may be moody, tense, anx­ious, ner­vous, ag­i­tated. Has trou­ble fall­ing asleep or stay­ing 7 asleep. Wakes fre­quently and of­ten eats. 8 Foods in­gested are of­ten car­bo­hy­drates: sug­ars and starch. 9 Be­hav­iour is not like binge-eat­ing, which is done in rel­a­tively short episodes. Night-eat­ing syn­drome in­volves con­tin­ual eat­ing through­out evening hours. 10 This eat­ing pro­duces guilt and shame, not en­joy­ment.

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