Friday - - Sleep Special -

UP­GRADE YOUR PJS Switch your reg­u­lar sleep­wear for some­thing silky – and the higher qual­ity silk you can get your hands on, the bet­ter. This is be­cause silk is ther­moreg­u­la­tory; keep­ing you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. AD­JUST YOUR AC Ac­cord­ing to ex­perts at Sleep Foun­da­tion (sleep­foun­da­ , a cool room is best for a great night sleep, around 65° For about 18°C. So ad­just your AC ac­cord­ingly. TABLET-FREE ZONE It’s not rocket sci­ence that hav­ing your phone by your bed is only go­ing to play havoc with get­ting your 8 hours’ sleep. Leave your phone in a dif­fer­ent room so you’re not tempted to look at it ev­ery time it pings.

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