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1 Artist born in Florence of Amer­i­can par­ents whose paint­ings in­clude Car­na­tion, Lily, Lily, Rose, Morn­ing Walk, Por­trait of Madame X, An Out-of-Doors Study and Lady Agnew of Lochnaw (7) 5 With a fra­grance strong­est at night and blos­soms used to scent a va­ri­ety of China tea, a flower sym­bol­is­ing love and beauty; the national flower of Pakistan (7) 9 Known as La Ville Lu­mière (City of Light), one of the world’s big four fash­ion cap­i­tals, where the fi­nal stage of the an­nual Tour de France takes place (5) 12 Food de­rived from nec­tar col­lected by bees of plants in­clud­ing laven­der, or­ange blos­som, sweet clover, Scot­tish heather, sun­flower and French chest­nut (5) 13 With daugh­ters in­clud­ing Hy­gieia and Panacea and of­ten de­picted with a ser­pen­ten­twined staff, the Greek god of healing, a son of Apollo and Coro­nis (9) 14 Tele­vi­sion per­son­al­ity known as the Croc­o­dile Hunter who was killed by a st­ingray dur­ing the film­ing of an un­der­wa­ter scene for Ocean’s Dead­li­est (5) 15 As­so­ci­ated with the sailors’ ini­ti­a­tion rite and cer­e­mony known as cross­ing the line, the imag­i­nary band in the re­gion where sun­sets and sun­rises oc­cur fastest on Earth (7) 16 First name of the Royal Academy of Music-trained singer-song­writer born Regi­nald Ken­neth Dwight in 1947 (5) 17 Vic­to­rian art critic whose teach­ing col­lec­tion (in­clud­ing his study of a king­fisher) can be viewed at the Ox­ford Uni­ver­sity Ash­molean Mu­seum (6) 19 Grounds, land, out­build­ings and cot­tages of a large coun­try house (6) 21 Mea­sured by use of an al­time­ter, a climb to the sum­mit of a moun­tain (6) 23 A long or ex­tendible chair for re­lax­ing pool­side or in the gar­den (7) 25 Light stock or broth thick­ened with blond roux; one of Au­guste Es­coffier’s five ‘mother sauces’ (7) 27 ___ ____ the Madding Crowd; Thomas Hardy’s Wes­sex novel about the hero­ine Bathsheba Ever­dene (3,4) 28 Grooves in tyre treads to im­prove grip and trac­tion in wet or icy con­di­tions, also found on the soles of boat shoes (5) 30 A rep­re­sen­ta­tive body for so­lic­i­tors in Eng­land and Wales (3,7) 31 English com­puter sci­en­tist who in­vented the World Wide Web (7-3) 34 Greek sto­ry­teller known for fa­bles that usu­ally end with a moral, such as slow and steady wins the race or one good turn de­serves an­other (5) 36 The Gar­den of _______ Delights; Hierony­mus Bosch’s trip­tych in­ter­preted by some as his de­pic­tion of the fate of hu­man­ity (7) 37 The small­est of the Nordic coun­tries, cap­i­tal Copen­hagen (7) 38 A diplo­matic mis­sion (7) 40 Com­mon name of a herba­ceous plant in the genus named af­ter Achilles that was tra­di­tion­ally used to treat ex­ter­nal wounds on the skin (6)

42 Nick­name of Jan Brueghel the Elder, cre­ator of The Gar­den of Eden with the Fall of Man with Peter Paul Rubens (6) 46 Shapes into which box trees (Buxus) can be clipped in top­i­ary; or, three­d­i­men­sional mod­els of Earth (6) 48 Jardins du Château de _____; 17th­cen­tury château and Ital­ian style-gar­den be­tween Caen and Bayeux in France (5) 49 __ _ _ _ _ _ makes the heart grow fonder, ac­cord­ing to a proverb (7) 52 Stock mar­ket _____; Dow Jones, FTSE 100 or Nikkei 225 for ex­am­ple (5) 53 Point on a ten­nis racket that pro­duces the best bounce with min­i­mal ef­fort; or, a form of train­ing in an en­durance sport such as cycling (5,4) 54 Mar­su­pial na­tive to Aus­tralia (5) 55 Traf­fic _____; vis­ual cues il­lus­trated and ex­plained in The High­way Code (5) 56 Style of In­dian maxi skirt (7) 57 Area of London de­picted in a soap opera for the past 32 years (4,3)


1 Chemist who dis­cov­ered oxy­gen but was pipped at the post by Joseph Pri­est­ley in pub­lish­ing the find­ings (7) 2 Make of car fea­tured in the ad­vert with char­ac­ters Papa and Ni­cole (7) 3 Largest Arab coun­try, cap­i­tal Cairo (5) 4 Large ves­sel with a tap for serv­ing hot bev­er­ages to a crowd (3,3) 5 Pro­fes­sional rid­ers de­picted in Jilly Cooper’s lat­est novel, Mount (7) 6 Cab­bage va­ri­ety; or, a neck­line style (10) 7 Mytho­log­i­cal Greek king bound to a fiery wheel for at­tempt­ing to se­duce Hera (5) 8 De­picted in 13 Min­utes, a car­pen­ter who at­tempted to as­sas­si­nate Hitler (5) 9 Mega-preda­tors of the Juras­sic sea; a 155-mil­lion-year-old fos­silised skull of which was found in Dorset in 2009 (9) 10 With 10.3 mil­lion Twit­ter fol­low­ers, the au­thor of the Harry Pot­ter books (7) 11 Gran­u­lar ma­te­rial in an hour­glass (4) 18 Ex­tinct gi­ant deer with great 12ft-wide antlers (5,3) 20 Cor­nish city with a di­rect rail con­nec­tion to London Padding­ton (5) 22 The craft of lath­e­work (7) 23 Soft drink mixed in a St Cle­ments (8) 24 Man­ner or style of giv­ing a speech; or, the bowling of a cricket ball (8) 25 Set­tle­ments usu­ally big­ger than ham­lets but smaller than towns (8) 26 Grassy ar­eas for cro­quet or kubb (5) 27 Charles Dar­win’s cap­tain on HMS Bea­gle who founded the Met Office (7) 29 The cap­i­tal of the Balearic Is­lands (5) 32 Series of moun­tains or hills; or, a type of stove such as an Aga (5) 33 __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Farm­house; Blooms­bury Group’s coun­try retreat in East Sus­sex (10) 35 Pil­lar-shaped struc­tures in­tro­duced to Bri­tain by An­thony Trol­lope in 1853 (9) 39 Bri­tish _______; tra­di­tional tag-based game for beach, field or large gar­den (7) 41 An­cient Greek sanc­tu­ary in Elis where a series of games was held in hon­our of Zeus (7) 43 Denot­ing some­thing of qual­ity from the past (7) 44 __ _ _ _ _ _ of Avon; Shake­speare (3,4) 45 Con­duc­tor who is join­ing the London Sym­phony Or­ches­tra as its music di­rec­tor this year (6) 47 Fi­bre used for nat­u­ral floor­ings (5) 48 Tree species known as the mother (or queen) of the woods (5) 50 Bill _____; char­ac­ter in Oliver Twist (5) 51 Hum­mus, gua­camole, tara­masalata etc. for grissini, crisps or cru­dités (4)

So­lu­tions will be given next week. The last date for en­tries is June 20. The win­ner of this cross­word will be an­nounced on June 30. The win­ner of the June 2 cross­word is Akriti Jain.

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