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One of the most ob­vi­ous signs of age­ing, af­ter wrin­kles, is age spots – com­monly re­ferred to as sun spots or liver spots. In­stead of turn­ing to laser treat­ment and chem­i­cal peels, Dr Youn rec­om­mends reg­u­lar use of home treat­ments which are al­to­gether more gen­tle on the skin. Com­bine one ta­ble­spoon each of soya milk, honey and le­mon juice, mix and ap­ply to your face for 20 min­utes, then wash off with warm wa­ter. Re­peat two to three times a week. The citric acid in le­mon juice is a nat­u­ral skin light­ener; soya milk con­tains en­zymes that can in­hibit the pro­duc­tion of melanin in the skin, so pre­vent­ing the dark­en­ing of pig­mented ar­eas (it is also full of vi­ta­mins A and E, which are both good for age­ing skin), and honey has nat­u­ral an­tibac­te­rial prop­er­ties, so it can help re­duce acne; it also soothes ir­ri­tated skin, mois­turises dry skin and has a slight tight­en­ing ef­fect.

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