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1 Vene­tian view painter whose works in­clud­ing A Re­gatta on the Grand Canal and The Ba­cino di San Marco on As­cen­sion Day are cur­rently in an ex­hi­bi­tion at the Queen’s Gallery, Buck­ing­ham Palace (9) 6 Eton ____; pud­ding of whipped cream, bro­ken meringue and straw­ber­ries, said to have been in­vented when a Labrador sat on a pavlova at a school open day (4) 8 Type of plant in the Fabaceae fam­ily such as al­falfa, any of the beans, clover, lupin, labur­num or wis­te­ria (6) 13 Au­thor noted for her nov­els set in Corn­wall in­clud­ing Re­becca, French­man’s Creek and Cas­tle Dor (2,7) 14 An­other name for a di­a­dem; the up­per part of a hat, cut gem or a tree; a clasp­ing metal cap for a bot­tle; or, a stag’s sur­roy­als col­lec­tively (5) 15 Ag­gre­gate prize money in box­ing; a sum of money dis­trib­uted to the top or high­est fin­ish­ers in a horse race (5) 16 Col­lec­tion of wires twisted or bonded as a rope; the chain of a ship’s an­chor; or, a unit of length equal to one tenth of a nautical mile (5) 17 Type of gar­den con­tain­ing at least five ap­ple, pear, cherry, plum or wal­nut trees, com­mon in Kent, La­nark­shire, Som­er­set and Worces­ter­shire (7) 18 Imag­i­nary honey-steal­ing crea­tures in AA Milne’s book Win­nie-the-Pooh, of­ten as­so­ci­ated with hef­falumps (7) 19 With 27 moons named af­ter char­ac­ters cre­ated by ei­ther Alexan­der Pope or Wil­liam Shake­speare, the sev­enth planet from the Sun (6) 21 A cap­i­tal city, site of the Os­tank­ino Tower, Red Square and the Krem­lin (6) 23 Novel by Wal­ter Scott based on the life of the out­law and later hero known as the Scot­tish Robin Hood (3,3) 26 Por­ta­ble mo­tor/propul­sion sys­tem at­tached to the stern of a small boat or dinghy such as a Bom­bard (8) 28 Mean­ing “naked moun­tain” in Urdu and dubbed the “man-eater”, one of the Hi­malayan eight-thou­sanders (5,6) 31 Army of­fi­cers be­low rank of captain, es­pe­cially se­cond lieu­tenants (10) 33 De­rived from a Greek word mean­ing “breath, spirit, soul”, the sci­ence and study of the mind and be­hav­iour (10) 36 The ______ _____; BBC ra­dio series on which a panel of five ex­perts would an­swer ques­tions sent in by the au­di­ence (6,5) 38 With parkland and gar­dens largely de­signed by Ca­pa­bil­ity Brown, a Tu­dor man­sion in Cam­bridgeshire that was built for El­iz­a­beth I’s Lord High Trea­surer (8) 40 Ves­sel such as the aorta (6) 42 Mex­i­can state, cap­i­tal Her­mosillo (6) 43 An­glo-Saxon king­dom cov­er­ing the re­gion now known as the Mid­lands (6) 47 1997 John Woo film star­ring John Tra­volta and Ni­co­las Cage (4/3) 49 A sports­man or sportswoman (7) 50 Ital­ian word mean­ing “sweet” linked with “latte” for a va­ri­ety of cheese (5) 51 Com­puter mi­cro­pro­ces­sor com­pany that

em­ploys around 106,000 peo­ple (5) 52 An el­e­men­tary sub­atomic par­ti­cle be­lieved to trans­mit the force bind­ing quarks to­gether in a hadron (5) 53 Sci­ence or study of moun­tains (9) 54 The Com­edy of ______; Shake­speare’s play based on mis­taken iden­ti­ties (6) 55 Au­thor of Gog­gle-Eyes, the book that was adapted into a series star­ring Hon­ey­suckle Weeks (4) 56 Globe _________; this­tle species com­mon in walled gar­dens or large potagers (9)


1 Sym­bol of medicine de­rived from the wand car­ried by Her­mes (8) 2 African coun­try, cap­i­tal Wind­hoek (7) 3 Type of mag­ni­fy­ing glass used by jew­ellers and horol­o­gists (5) 4 The largest satel­lite of Nep­tune (6) 5 Gi­ant shell of frozen comet nu­clei the­o­rised to en­velop the so­lar sys­tem beyond Nep­tune and the Kuiper Belt (4,5) 6 One of the spellings of a cof­fee drink flavoured with cho­co­late syrup/co­coa (10) 7 The _____ in the Stone; T. H. White novel (5) 9 Egg leaf spurge, used in flo­ral ar­range­ments or to line gar­den paths (9) 10 Parisian street scene artist (7) 11 Of the leaves of an aquatic plant, ris­ing above the sur­face of the wa­ter (6) 12 For­mer News­night pre­sen­ter who wrote To War with Welling­ton: From the Penin­sula to Waterloo (4) 20 A flat-topped in­flo­res­cence of an­gel­ica, fen­nel, pars­ley or dill (5) 22 Cur­rents of air with speeds mea­sured on the Beau­fort scale (5) 23 Au­to­mo­biles for pub­lic streets as op­posed to those used for rac­ing (4,4) 24 District in Northamp­ton­shire host­ing the grand de­part of the OVO En­ergy Women’s Tour in June; site of Charles Spencer’s home Althorp (8) 25 Early type of corset or bodice (5) 27 The dark “core” of a shadow (5) 29 Ma­jor habi­tat such as a for­est (5) 30 Ja­panese unit of area; or, a pres­sure point in acupunc­ture or shi­atsu (5) 32 Words iden­ti­fy­ing peo­ple or places (5) 34 One of the nat­u­ral earth pig­ments (5) 35 Pre­his­toric mon­u­ment in Wilt­shire (10) 37 Ger­man Lutheran pas­tor who wrote the ”First they came ...” poem or speech (9) 38 Cap­i­tal of Cat­alo­nia; the fic­tional birth­place of Fawlty Tow­ers char­ac­ter Manuel; or, the ti­tle of a sin­gle by Fred­die Mer­cury and Montser­rat Ca­ballé (9) 39 A usu­ally dry salt pan that is Aus­tralia’s largest body of salt wa­ter when full (4,4) 41 Com­poser per­form­ing at Blen­heim Palace this sum­mer, his works in­clude the Blue Note­books al­bum and in­ter­pre­ta­tion of Vi­valdi’s The Four Sea­sons (7) 44 Nymph who de­tained Odysseus on her is­land Ogy­gia for seven years (7) 45 Gen­eral Post ______; ser­vice of­fi­cially es­tab­lished by Charles II in 1660 that later be­came known as the Royal Mail (6) 46 The Cook ______; series where Roger Cook aimed to ex­pose crim­i­nal ac­tiv­ity (6) 48 Fruits or syco­ni­ums re­lated to mul­ber­ries, eaten dried or fresh (4) 49 One of the spellings of a red­dish-brown pulse used in stews, sal­ads, desserts and dim sum fill­ings, re­garded as the king of beans in Ja­pan (5) 50 One of the three clas­si­cal or­ders of an­cient Greek ar­chi­tec­ture with Ionic and Corinthian (5)

So­lu­tions will be given next week. The last date for en­tries is July 4. The win­ner of this crossword will be an­nounced on July 14. The win­ner of the June 16 crossword is Man­jus­ree Kan­oth.

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