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Crossword and sudoku brain-teasers.


1 Au­thor whose nov­els The Com­fort of Strangers, En­dur­ing Love, Atone­ment, On Ch­e­sil Beach and The Chil­dren Act have been adapted into films (6) 4 Men­tioned by Ophe­lia in Ham­let, vi­o­let­like flow­ers with heart-shaped petals used to mean ‘think of me’, can be crys­tallised in su­gar and used to dec­o­rate cakes (7) 8 Spouted ves­sel in which As­sam, Cey­lon, Dar­jeel­ing, Earl Grey, lap­sang sou­chong and pekoe are tra­di­tion­ally brewed (6) 14 A col­lec­tive noun for a group/pack of hedge­hogs or por­cu­pines (7) 15 Pin used in the tra­di­tional pub game that de­rived from ninepins, orig­i­nally played with a cheese in­stead of a ball (7) 16 The _____; book by au­thor of Ge­orge’s Mar­vel­lous Medicine and The BFG (5) 17 Style/sil­hou­ette of skirt or dress that formed part of Chris­tian Dior’s ‘New Look’, later rein­vented by Yves Saint Lau­rent in his ‘Trapeze’ col­lec­tion (1-4) 18 Ei­ther spell­ing of a word mean­ing de­void of or not re­sem­bling any Homo Sapi­ens-like char­ac­ter­is­tics (7) 19 Ja­panese dish of seafood, veg­eta­bles or sea­weed coated in a very light bat­ter and fried un­til crisp (7) 20 Quin­tus ______; con­sid­ered the fa­ther of Ro­man po­etry, the au­thor of the epic poem An­nales orig­i­nally in 15 books (6) 22 Giro d’______; bi­cy­cle race where the leader of the gen­eral clas­si­fi­ca­tion is iden­ti­fied by a pink jersey, or maglia rosa (6) 23 Tra­di­tional piece of fur­ni­ture that com­bines a flat sur­face for writ­ing with var­i­ous draw­ers, cub­by­holes and some­times se­cret com­part­ments (6) 26 Fa­ther of Laertes and Ophe­lia in Ham­let whose no­table lines in­clude ‘nei­ther a bor­rower nor a lender be’ and ‘to thine own self be true’ (8) 28 Jule Styne and Stephen Sond­heim stage mu­si­cal that is based on the life of the bur­lesque en­ter­tainer born Rose Louise Hovick in 1914 (5) 29 ___ __ Train Your Dragon; se­ries of 12 books for chil­dren by Cres­sida Cow­ell with the pro­tag­o­nist Hic­cup Hor­ren­dous Haddock III (3,2) 32 Prac­tice of keep­ing/breed­ing birds (10) 34 Ar­chi­pel­ago of 115 is­lands in the In­dian Ocean north-east of Mada­gas­car, pop­u­lar as a des­ti­na­tion for hon­ey­moon­ers (10) 37 City in an­cient Syria on the Orontes River, site of present-day Homs (5) 39 _____ of amends; pro­ce­dure de­scribed in the Defama­tion Act 1996 en­abling a de­fen­dant to apol­o­gise to the claimant of a li­bel case to avoid fur­ther dis­pute (5) 40 With young known as kit­tens, a drey­d­welling an­i­mal with a red species na­tive to Bri­tain threated by its Amer­i­can cousin (8) 42 Guess­ing game in­volv­ing quick think­ing in which a player gives a word to which an­other must find a rhyme (6) 44 From the col­lec­tive name for the nine deities in Egyp­tian mythol­ogy in­clud­ing Atum, Osiris and Set, a group of nine (6) 45 — chic; eclec­tic style of in­te­rior de­sign com­bin­ing dis­tressed fur­ni­ture, cot­tage,

coun­try­side or vin­tage styles, an­tiques and neu­tral or pas­tel colours (6) 49 Colour and sym­bol as­so­ci­ated with com­mu­nism, coin­ci­den­tally found on the lo­gos of brands in­clud­ing San Pel­le­grino and Heineken (3,4) 51 Ac­tor noted for his role as Joey in Friends who has taken over as a pre­sen­ter on Top Gear (2,5) 52 Genoan sauce of pine nuts blended with fresh basil leaves, Parme­san or pecorino cheese, gar­lic and olive oil (5) 53 Dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt named after the mytho­log­i­cal Ro­man god of the un­der­world (5) 54 Univer­sity class where stu­dents par­tic­i­pate in dis­cus­sion un­der the lead­er­ship of a pro­fes­sor/lec­turer (7) 55 Concierto de Aran­juez com­poser (7) 56 Ac­cord­ing to a ba­sic sci­en­tific law, ‘______ can­not be cre­ated or de­stroyed; it can only be changed from one form to an­other’ (6) 57 Disc for skim­ming through the air (7) 58 Cap­i­tal of New South Wales, site of a fa­mous opera house and Port Jack­son (6)


1 Com­mon name for a car­tog­ra­pher (3-5) 2 To­tal num­ber of books, news­pa­pers or mag­a­zines is­sued at one time (7) 3 One of the body’s talocru­ral joints (5) 5 People with great sen­si­tiv­ity to the beauty of fine art and na­ture (9) 6 Sci­en­tific study of earth­quakes (10) 7 Fruit fit for hu­man con­sump­tion such as a Brae­burn, Cox or Pink Lady (6,5) 9 In phys­i­ol­ogy, the term for a per­son with a tall and lean body shape (9) 10 Genus of flow­ers in­clud­ing au­ric­ula (7) 11 Dutch ex­plorer recog­nised as the first Euro­pean to dis­cover New Zealand (6) 12 Latin or genus name for hares (5) 13 Por­ta­ble shelter used by cam­pers, back­pack­ers, bike tour­ers and sol­diers (4) 21 One of the main is­lands of Samoa (5) 23 The Last ___ _____; 1991 ac­tion­com­edy film star­ring Bruce Wil­lis (3,5) 24 Ital­ian word used to de­scribe any mu­si­cian with elite tech­ni­cal skill (8) 25 An­i­mal used in puis­sance (5) 27 Fruit used to make tape­nade (5) 30 The Pic­ture of Do­rian Gray au­thor (5) 31 El _____; paint­ing by John Singer Sar­gent de­pict­ing a Span­ish dancer (5) 33 Tree-dwelling an­i­mal with a black and white coat; one of the big­gest pri­mates liv­ing in the Mada­gas­can rain­forests (6,5) 35 Planet known in Latin as ‘Terra’; or, the un­der­ground lair of a fox (5) 36 The Ghost from the — — ; sci­encefic­tion novel by Arthur C. Clarke (5,5) 38 Astro­naut who com­manded the space mis­sion that en­abled him to be­come the first per­son to walk on the moon (9) 40 Ne­olithic set­tle­ment on Main­land in the Orkney Is­lands (5,4) 41 The sci­en­tific study of fungi (8) 43 Bel­gian painter and botanist recog­nised as one of the great­est botan­i­cal il­lus­tra­tors of all time (7) 46 Solid de­fen­sive pro­ject­ing part of a cas­tle in a well-for­ti­fied po­si­tion (7) 47 ______ jump; ath­letic event some­times re­ferred to as hop, skip and jump (6) 48 De­picted on the logo of the Na­tional Trust, the fruit or seed of the tree with the Latin name Quer­cus (5) 50 A flower tra­di­tion­ally used as a sym­bol of love (4) 52 First name of an ac­tor co­me­dian noted for his work with Peter Kay (5)

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