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The theme for you at the mo­ment is not so much about be­ing healthy, that is, eat­ing right and go­ing to the gym reg­u­larly, as it is about learn­ing to live a life you en­joy, which in­cludes look­ing after your phys­i­cal well-be­ing. This joy­ous ap­proach of health is grad­u­ally re­plac­ing the old ‘tough love’ at­ti­tude, one that com­bined de­nial food-wise and a mil­i­tary rou­tine when it comes to ex­er­cise. While a few Tau­re­ans re­spond well to this rigid life­style, you pre­fer your meals and move­ment to be pleas­ant. And this is ex­actly what you’re learn­ing about. So that ex­er­cise may in­volve some­thing as dra­matic as fenc­ing or, a reg­u­lar evening of salsa danc­ing. It’s the same with food. This al­lows you to mon­i­tor what you’re eat­ing and your ex­er­cise, to en­sure they’re in bal­ance, but have some fun do­ing it. Prob­a­bly the best de­scrip­tion of it is one that suits you, as a Taurus, and that is de­vel­op­ing the art of ‘hav­ing it all.’

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