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No­body is bet­ter at spot­ting the lat­est place to go, mu­sic to lis­ten to or din­ing spot than you. This isn’t about be­ing trendy, chic or in­dulging your­self in ex­pen­sive plea­sures. The in­quis­i­tive side of your na­ture has a rare and amaz­ing ca­pac­ity to tune into what’s hap­pen­ing, whether it’s a for­eign cui­sine or fit­ness regime. This is the case with life’s prac­ti­cal­i­ties, busi­ness mat­ters and the re­la­tion­ships in­volved there, too.

How­ever, since 2015, when stern Saturn moved to ac­cent close al­liances, in both per­sonal and busi­ness el­e­ments of your life, your own obli­ga­tions have re­quired you de­mand others be cau­tious, or the lim­i­ta­tions of others have re­stricted your op­tions.

While an­noy­ing ini­tially, these sit­u­a­tions forced you to get cre­ative. This broad­ened your hori­zons in terms of people and ideas. This also forced you to recog­nise those ar­range­ments that once ben­e­fited you but are in­creas­ingly re­stric­tive.

Con­se­quently, you’re al­ready in a pe­riod of ex­plo­ration. The trick is to fo­cus on ex­actly that, who you meet and what you learn. It may not be un­til the Gemini Full Moon, on De­cem­ber 3, that the na­ture of these fu­ture al­liances will be clear. Know­ing that, un­til then, make ex­plo­ration your pri­or­ity.


While you can be very im­pa­tient when it comes to your life­style and the in­de­ci­sive­ness of cer­tain in­di­vid­u­als drives you crazy, when it comes to the fi­nan­cial side of your life it is an­other mat­ter. Once you have a plan, you’ll stick with it. In fact be­cause you’re so in­ter­ested in the ac­tiv­i­ties of others, many are sur­prised how well you can bud­get, whether sav­ing for an ex­pen­sive hol­i­day or to buy your home.

Dur­ing the last half of 2017, you’ll also need to add team­work to that list of virtues. Although you’ll of­ten seek the ad­vice of those whose views you re­spect when ex­plor­ing mat­ters such as salary dis­cus­sions, in­vest­ments or im­por­tant pur­chases, you’ll fre­quently cus­tomise their sug­ges­tions, adding a Gemini twist.

Now, how­ever, such deals are about to­geth­er­ness, whether at home or with fam­ily, or with a joint fund. What­ever the case, ben­e­fit­ing from their col­lec­tive wis­dom and, pos­si­bly, clout means be­ing will­ing to go along with their de­ci­sions too. An­noy­ing as this may be ini­tially, you soon re­alise you’re ben­e­fit­ing from their ex­pe­ri­ence and wis­dom. Bet­ter, when you’re fac­ing De­cem­ber’s sud­den changes, ideas or of­fers, you’ll be both fi­nan­cially able and well-in­formed enough to deal with them wisely.


Dur­ing the year’s first half, you faced a range of tricky sit­u­a­tions and con­flicts with ev­ery­body – from close friends to fam­ily and loved ones. While ini­tially con­fus­ing, you soon re­alised that you’d changed, in terms of your think­ing and pri­or­i­ties, and so had others, but you hadn’t stopped to note those changes and, still less, re­think your re­la­tion­ship. This may sound wor­ry­ing, but re­ally it’s about talk­ing things over and up­dat­ing what you ex­pect from each other, what you do to­gether and plan for the fu­ture.

Hav­ing learnt from these dis­cus­sions, and oc­ca­sion­ally clashes, you’ll spend much of the last half of this year ex­plor­ing new things to do and places to go. This turns those once-wor­ry­ing is­sues into ex­cite­ment about the fu­ture.

You don’t think of it, but you can be­come a crea­ture of habit, go­ing to the same places and, of­ten, with the same people. Now it’s time for break­throughs. Those Gem­i­nis who’re look­ing for some­body spe­cial would ben­e­fit from adopt­ing this ap­proach, too, in the sense of go­ing new places, or per­haps trav­el­ling with a group you don’t know. All Gem­i­nis will ben­e­fit from broad­en­ing their hori­zons, in terms of their think­ing, their life­style and their ac­tiv­i­ties.


Ideas to dis­cover, people to meet, places to go. While you’re fa­mil­iar with some, many will be so new that ex­plor­ing them will be an ad­ven­ture.

Those GEM­I­NIS who are look­ing for SOME­BODY SPE­CIAL would BEN­E­FIT from adopt­ing this AP­PROACH, too, in the sense of go­ing new PLACES, or per­haps TRAV­EL­LING with a GROUP that you don’t know

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