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One of your great­est virtues is your in­ter­est in others. As a re­sult, you’re good com­pany and al­ways know what’s go­ing on, in your cir­cle of friends and in the world around you. How­ever, in the process you for­get to look after your­self. This can mean you for­get to eat, don’t get enough sleep, then crash to make up for it and, equally, in­tend to ex­er­cise but never get around to it. Hap­pily, from Oc­to­ber 10, you’ll ben­e­fit from the ex­pan­sive in­flu­ence of Jupiter on ex­actly this side of your life. This sug­gests that cir­cum­stances, such as a change in where you live or work, or per­haps a new re­la­tion­ship, will con­nect you with the va­ri­ety of people, ideas and places you need to get you ex­cited about look­ing after your well-be­ing. What’s best about this is, that in many cases, what you dis­cover or learn, won’t just ben­e­fit you dur­ing the last half of this year, but will bring you ben­e­fits for the rest of your life.

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