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For years you’ve felt things could be bet­ter, but have been seek­ing that break­through that would take life, your ac­tiv­i­ties and your job or ca­reer to a new level. While cer­tain events or of­fers con­sti­tuted real im­prove­ments, it still wasn’t what you were hop­ing for. Since Septem­ber 2016, you’ve ben­e­fited from the in­flu­ence of the planet of good for­tune, Jupiter, in Libra. While this has in­tro­duced promis­ing, if not ex­cit­ing, en­coun­ters, ideas and of­fers, they still didn’t ful­fil that fan­tasy.

The shake-ups trig­gered by Au­gust’s two eclipses will help you re­alise that the per­fect sit­u­a­tion, re­la­tion­ship or ar­range­ment you’ve hoped for doesn’t ex­ist. But, also, you’ll be­gin to recog­nise how your feel­ings of dis­ap­point­ment that these aren’t per­fect have over­shad­owed what is won­der­ful – and of­ten bet­ter than you’d imag­ined pos­si­ble. So dur­ing this pe­riod, your feel­ings of suc­cess come half from ex­actly that, your mood, and half from events that are thrilling but, pos­si­bly, not the fan­tasy you’d en­vi­sioned.

An­a­lyse this care­fully. By Oc­to­ber 22, when the planet of ac­tion and en­thu­si­asm, Mars, moves into Libra un­til De­cem­ber 9, you’ll em­ploy the en­ergy it brings to dis­cover joy in what you have, not to search for what you were dream­ing of.


Can you plan ahead to cre­ate good for­tune, to cre­ate fi­nan­cial well­be­ing? You can, and what you think about, the ideas you dis­cuss and the people you talk to now, dur­ing the last half of 2017, will con­trib­ute to the plans you de­vise dur­ing this pe­riod flour­ish­ing as you move into next year. Think­ing ahead is al­ways im­por­tant but es­pe­cially in terms of your re­sources, fi­nances and as­sets.

That’s be­cause with a pow­er­ful plan­e­tary em­pha­sis on ex­ist­ing ar­range­ments de­vel­op­ing, of­ten sur­pris­ingly well, and new ven­tures com­ing from out of the blue, you’ll need to be ready to think and move swiftly. And you’ll need to be ready to take chances, too. While your clever mind and in­quis­i­tive na­ture could be said to be an as­set, some­times you over­think things, and you could eas­ily do ex­actly that be­gin­ning now, and as you move into the po­ten­tially pros­per­ous 2018. This is where the sud­den changes trig­gered by Au­gust’s eclipses are cru­cial, be­cause they, too, will pre­vent you mulling over your op­tions for too long.

Be­gin now to re­spond swiftly, ideally within a day if not hours, to ideas, of­fers or un­ex­pected events. You’ll be amazed how well things go, and with­out your usual analysis.


No sign is more lov­ing, and has a greater de­sire to see fam­ily, loved ones, off­spring, close friends and even neigh­bours or col­leagues be happy, thrive and live a re­laxed, calm and joy­ous life. Yet, how­ever good things get, there’s al­ways some­thing that dis­rupts that seren­ity. This is be­cause life’s about ups and downs, and the bumps in the road are as es­sen­tial to growth as the quiet mo­ments of dis­cus­sion and to­geth­er­ness. What’s more, not ev­ery sign shares your de­sire for a har­mo­nious ex­is­tence.

Some ac­tu­ally en­joy bat­tling is­sues out with others, while as many love time alone away from ev­ery­body. The cur­rent pair of eclipses are shak­ing up this side of your life, and giv­ing you a glimpse of what it’s like to for­get about har­mony and, in­stead, find­ing a new way of be­ing to­gether, as fam­ily, friends or even col­leagues. It’s the same if you’re look­ing for love.

Con­sider some­body who isn’t your ideal, and you may dis­cover an en­tirely new way of spend­ing time with, and car­ing about, an­other per­son. Once that hap­pens, you’ll stop wor­ry­ing about har­mony and start en­joy life as it is.


The re­al­i­sa­tion that you don’t need to give as much thought to others. This has been au­to­matic, so could come as a big shock. But it will be one that, grad­u­ally, frees you to be more your­self.

The cur­rent pair of eclipses are SHAK­ING UP re­la­tion­ships, and giv­ing you a glimpse of what it’s like to for­get about HAR­MONY. It’s the same if you’re look­ing for love. CON­SIDER some­body who isn’t your IDEAL

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