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Ev­ery Capricorn has an in­stinc­tive un­der­stand­ing that plan­ning ahead is a virtue. Yet, dur­ing 2017, even the sim­plest of ar­range­ments won’t have gone as you in­tended and, of­ten, they went in an en­tirely dif­fer­ent di­rec­tion. Dis­as­trous as that seemed, you’re now recog­nis­ing that what you learnt, who you met or the skills you were forced to ac­quire aren’t just worth­while, many will ben­e­fit you for life.

Not only that, these seem­ingly dis­rup­tive sit­u­a­tions in­tro­duced you to ac­tiv­i­ties and pur­suits that ei­ther you’d dis­missed as un­in­ter­est­ing or un­prof­itable ages ago. You’re only now spot­ting how these ex­pe­ri­ences have added to your life. So much that you’ll will­ingly get in­volved where, be­fore, you’d have had no in­ter­est.

This could mean re­think­ing what you do with your time, and pos­si­bly even re­shap­ing your ac­tiv­i­ties out in the world, what­ever their na­ture. If work­ing, you could de­cide to re­train, or switch to work­ing for your­self.

This is the year to ex­plore your op­tions. It’s also a time to take chances in a way that, or­di­nar­ily, you wouldn’t. While this alone will be in­for­ma­tive, what you learn and who you meet will so broaden your hori­zons that you’ll re­alise it’s not just about a sin­gle change, but about a pe­riod of re­ward­ing, growth.


As much as you like the idea of of­fers that come from out of the blue, as a sen­si­ble earth sign, you tend to view any such events as a fairy tale, not some­thing you’d rely on.

While, usu­ally, that’s wise, the stun­ning link be­tween your ruler Saturn and Uranus, planet of the un­ex­pected, on Novem­ber 11, could bring ex­actly such de­vel­op­ments. Ex­plore them, learn what you can but avoid com­mit­ting un­til late in the year or, bet­ter yet, early 2018.

While your ruler Saturn moves into Capricorn on De­cem­ber 20, on March 17, 2018, forthright Mars joins it in your sign, boost­ing your spir­its and hon­ing your fo­cus. For the com­ing six months, there­fore, fo­cus on what you can learn but, as much, think about de-clut­ter­ing your life.

This is about cut­ting ex­penses, but mostly by mov­ing on from ac­tiv­i­ties that were once re­ward­ing but no longer are. It’s also about broad­en­ing your hori­zons, in terms of who you meet, what you do and, per­haps, adding to your knowl­edge or skills.

The in­vest­ment you make in time, money or ef­fort now, will pay off hand­somely – sooner that you think.


While you won’t nec­es­sar­ily have en­joyed the twists and turns of the years since your ruler Saturn moved into the most strate­gic por­tion of your chart, in 2015, those clos­est won’t have minded, mostly be­cause the changes in your of­ten rigid rou­tine or in long-term plans meant you had more time for them and, even more, you of­ten dis­cussed your sit­u­a­tion with them. Learn from this, and when life gets busy again, as it will in 2018, en­sure you build in time for fam­ily and friends. It’s the same for work re­la­tion­ships, too. Many Capri­corns keep them for­mal, feel­ing that’s both wise and pro­fes­sional.

But it means others don’t get to know the real you. This is also about tak­ing time to be with those clos­est, fam­ily, friends and es­pe­cially the chil­dren in your life. You’ve a golden op­por­tu­nity to re­think your ap­proach to time and to your pri­or­i­ties.

It’s the same for Capri­corns look­ing for a life part­ner. Take it slowly and learn as much about what’s ‘in­side’ as the more eas­ily ob­served qual­i­ties of style, ed­u­ca­tion and so­cial skills. In ev­ery area of your life, it’s about learn­ing how to get the bal­ance just right.


If there’s one word that best ex­presses what Au­gust’s eclipses are about for you, it’s ‘wind­fall’. While this could re­fer to money, it can as much sug­gest you should ex­pect ex­cit­ing of­fers, en­coun­ters and even new love, and not just of a ro­man­tic na­ture.

Think about DE-CLUT­TER­ING your life. This is about cut­ting ex­penses, mostly by MOV­ING ON from ac­tiv­i­ties that were once re­ward­ing but no longer are. The in­vest­ment you make will pay off HAND­SOMELY

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