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Many of the shake-ups you’re deal­ing with be­gan ear­lier in the year, when both for­tu­nate Jupiter and Saturn, the planet of fo­cus, pow­er­fully as­pected your ruler Uranus. These led to en­coun­ters, dis­cus­sions, ideas, of­fers, and prob­a­bly, changes. But any de­ci­sions had to be re­garded as ten­ta­tive, mostly be­cause the foun­da­tion on which plans were be­ing made was still shift­ing.

That’s the case now and will be un­til well into 2018. Know­ing that, you’ll stop strug­gling to or­gan­ise a sin­gle, per­fect plan and will, in­stead, view ar­range­ments and the al­liances that come with them as be­ing a bit of an ex­per­i­ment. En­cour­age others to think in the same way and, to­gether, you’ll turn the many twists and turns of this pe­riod into new and, of­ten, promis­ing ideas – but ones that can be eas­ily rethought as cir­cum­stances, and your needs and in­ter­ests, change.

This also gives you the free­dom to ex­plore the re­mark­able events trig­gered by the Aquarius eclipsed New Moon in early 2018. Once you un­der­stand this isn’t about a sin­gle plan but more about ap­proach­ing life in an ad­ven­tur­ous frame of mind, you’ll ben­e­fit from these twists and turns and en­joy ev­ery day of them.


The cliché is ‘talk is cheap’, and this ap­plies to the fi­nan­cial side of your life dur­ing the com­ing months, mostly be­cause there will be lots of ex­cit­ing dis­cus­sions and prom­ises declar­ing what will be done but not much will hap­pen, at least as planned.

This isn’t be­cause any­body’s be­ing dis­hon­est. On the con­trary, it’s that of­ten sud­den changes will dis­rupt even the best of in­ten­tions. Wor­ry­ing as this sounds, as a clever Aquarius, you can over­come these ob­sta­cles by cre­at­ing your own in­come flow, one that you’re in con­trol of, so can re­or­gan­ise as cir­cum­stances shift.

This could in­volve any­thing from sales of some sort to giv­ing ad­vice or coun­selling in an area of per­sonal ex­per­tise. This may not be what you in­tend to, or want to, do for the rest of your life. The other is turn­ing some­thing you al­ready do for free, into some­thing in­come-pro­duc­ing. While this may re­quire some clever think­ing and imag­i­na­tion, those ef­forts will pay off hand­somely.

What you learn or who you meet could add amaz­ingly to your fi­nan­cial life. Know­ing that, be bold and ad­ven­tur­ous and you’ll trans­form this un­ruly pe­riod’s un­ex­pected events into money-spin­ning ac­tiv­i­ties.


Dur­ing unset­tling cy­cles, such as this is, events ei­ther draw ev­ery­body to­gether or cre­ate a wedge of mis­un­der­stand­ing or even, some­times, re­sent­ment.

Be­ing in­quis­i­tive by na­ture, your re­ac­tion to this dy­namic, if oc­ca­sion­ally per­plex­ing, time is to ex­plore, dis­cuss what you’ve learnt, digest those ideas then ei­ther make a plan or ex­plore more. How­ever, not ev­ery­body is as in­quis­i­tive or re­silient and many of those around you will worry, com­plain or, pos­si­bly, be very con­cerned by those de­vel­op­ments you take so lightly. Bear this in mind, and in­stead of as­sum­ing the in­di­vid­u­als in ques­tion are as in­ter­ested in the day-to-day twists of this cy­cle, you’ll re­as­sure them.

While in many cases, there won’t be much re­li­able to talk about, sim­ply ex­plain­ing what’s hap­pen­ing will help. Take ad­van­tage of this pe­riod to broaden your hori­zons so­cially, as well. This ap­plies es­pe­cially to those Aquar­i­ans who’d like to link up with some­body spe­cial or who’re seek­ing a last­ing al­liance. Be­cause this pe­riod is about ex­plo­ration, who and what you en­counter will, at min­i­mum, be in­ter­est­ing. One of those in­di­vid­u­als could bring a new light to your life.


Be­cause the first of these eclipses is in Aquarius, ex­pect pow­er­ful in­sights re­gard­ing shifts in el­e­ments of your life and close re­la­tion­ships. These changes bring a new ex­cite­ment and even new ex­pe­ri­ences, some of which you’d pre­vi­ously thought im­pos­si­ble.

Stop STRUG­GLING to or­gan­ise a sin­gle, per­fect plan and, in­stead, view ar­range­ments and the AL­LIANCES that come with them as be­ing a bit of an EX­PER­I­MENT. En­cour­age others to think in the same way

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