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Many Aquar­i­ans have an in­stinc­tive sense of their ca­pac­ity to ‘think them­selves into good health’ and a few are also con­scious of the fact they can some­times worry them­selves into be­ing un­well. While the no­tion of the con­nec­tion be­tween pos­i­tive think­ing and health isn’t any­thing new, re­cent events have made you more aware of this, es­pe­cially with the ups and downs of this ex­cit­ing if oc­ca­sion­ally ex­haust­ing pe­riod.

Be­ing an air sign, your mind is said to be your best as­set. But it can also mean that when you’re wrestling with un­ex­pected changes or per­plex­ing events, as you have been and will be dur­ing the last half of 2017, you put off deal­ing with phys­i­cal mat­ters, in­clud­ing the kind of ex­er­cise that might lift your spir­its, un­til you’ve an­a­lysed, and fully un­der­stood, what’s go­ing on. How­ever, events or pos­si­bly those clos­est will re­mind you that life is about bal­ance. And that’s the real key to your sense of well-be­ing, dur­ing a cy­cle that’s just as much about en­joy­ing feel­ing your best ev­ery day as it is about broad­en­ing your hori­zons. Make it your ob­jec­tive to bal­ance the two, and you’ll not only thrive dur­ing 2017, you’ll thrive dur­ing ev­ery year.

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