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Hav­ing been born un­der the most ide­al­is­tic of signs, you’re sure that with enough ef­fort, what you do, cre­ate or com­mit to will go per­fectly. Equally, you work hard to en­sure others, from loved ones to col­leagues, ex­pe­ri­ence the best that’s pos­si­ble.

While, on oc­ca­sion, others no­tice your ef­forts and, even more rarely, some­body thanks you, that’s a bonus. This is be­cause for you, try­ing to make the world a bet­ter place, and mak­ing others happy, comes nat­u­rally. How­ever, over the past sev­eral years, since prac­ti­cal Saturn moved to ac­cent how wisely you use your time, you’ve been re­think­ing your pri­or­i­ties and, of­ten, putting your­self first. Ini­tially this was un­com­fort­able but now it not only seems nor­mal, you’re ben­e­fit­ing in terms of the re­spect you get at home, and if you work, ac­knowl­edge­ment of the progress you’re mak­ing.

Enough that you’re now set­ting higher goals for your­self and you’re chang­ing these ev­ery cou­ple of months, as you re­alise there’s not only more you could do, there’s more you want to achieve. This is all about the process of think­ing in greater depth about what, and who, is im­por­tant to you and, even more, fo­cus­ing on mak­ing these achieve­ments and in­di­vid­u­als part of your life.


As a Pisces, you’ve prob­a­bly found your­self on both sides of the fi­nan­cial equa­tion; you’ve been short of cash and, equally, in the happy po­si­tion of be­ing able to lend others a hand. Judg­ing by the plan­e­tary setup for the last half of 2017, it’s not so much that you’re in need of sup­port as cer­tain in­di­vid­u­als who’re able to sup­port others, in­clud­ing you, may not be mak­ing as much of an ef­fort as they could to do that. This, which is in­di­cated by boun­ti­ful Jupiter’s po­si­tion, sug­gests that while one par­tic­u­lar in­di­vid­ual is in a po­si­tion to be help­ful, they’d ben­e­fit from the ideas and in­spi­ra­tion of others, in­clud­ing you. Bizarrely, in get­ting in­volved with this, you’ll soon find that you’re ben­e­fit­ing, pos­si­bly di­rectly or, which is even more likely, those you’ve talked to or met will, in some way, add to your fi­nan­cial world. This isn’t about a sin­gle sit­u­a­tion or ar­range­ment, but sev­eral. The more you do, the bet­ter off you’ll be. It’s said that gen­eros­ity breeds more of the same, and that will most be con­firmed dur­ing this pe­riod.


Be­cause Au­gust’s pair of eclipses usher in an unset­tling pe­riod for ev­ery­body, you and those around you will be jug­gling ev­ery­day life, ac­tiv­i­ties out­side of the house and, then, the dra­mas that each and ev­ery per­son is fac­ing. While these are all dif­fer­ent, at the core is the need to be there, lend­ing sup­port yet, at the same time, en­cour­ag­ing the in­di­vid­u­als in ques­tion to take the ini­tia­tive, to do what they can on their own. This means lis­ten­ing to their con­cerns but, even more, en­cour­ag­ing them to ex­plore po­ten­tial so­lu­tions and come up with some­thing on their own.

It’s im­por­tant you en­sure that you’re not al­low­ing your own in­ter­ests, ac­tiv­i­ties and pur­suits to come se­cond, but that you give them pri­or­ity, es­pe­cially now. True, ini­tially, it may worry you that others will think you don’t care. But, then, this is what pe­ri­ods of this na­ture are about, jug­gling your in­ter­ests, those of others and life in gen­eral. By Novem­ber 11, when Saturn su­perbly as­pects the in­ven­tive Uranus, and thrilling if un­ex­pected events change ev­ery­thing for the bet­ter, and overnight, you and ev­ery­body else will be ready to make the best of these ex­cit­ing de­vel­op­ments.


After years of feel­ing guilty, ei­ther be­cause you couldn’t help others or they weren’t happy with what you did for them, sud­denly you re­alise that, ac­tu­ally, their prob­lems aren’t your re­spon­si­bil­ity any­way.

After years of feel­ing GUILTY, ei­ther be­cause you couldn’t help others or they weren’t HAPPY with what you did for them, sud­denly you re­alise that, ac­tu­ally, their prob­lems aren’t your RE­SPON­SI­BIL­ITY any­way

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