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Q I have been on med­i­ca­tion (glu­cophage) for poly­cys­tic ovar­ian syn­drome (PCOD) for quite a while now, yet I have not lost weight. What could be the rea­son?

AGlu­cophage, also known as met­formin, is a drug also used in treat­ment of type 2 di­a­betes. It should be your third line of ac­tion when it comes to tack­ling poly­cys­tic ovar­ian syn­drome. PCOD is a life­style dis­or­der and it can be re­versed if you ad­dress some life­style is­sues.

Eat­ing the wrong sort of car­bo­hy­drates, not get­ting the right kind of fatty acids in to your sys­tem, do­ing the wrong work­outs or not work­ing out at all, tak­ing on too much stress and ex­pe­ri­enc­ing se­vere gut re­lated is­sues could be some of the rea­sons that lead to PCOD and a slug­gish me­tab­o­lism.

Tak­ing a pill will not solve the root prob­lem. To kick­start the process of change you need to start mak­ing small changes in your eat­ing habits.

Work on cleans­ing your gut and eat­ing foods that work specif­i­cally for your con­sti­tu­tion. This is one of the most im­por­tant changes you will make against PCOD.

You must also start sup­ple­ment­ing your diet with Omega 3 2000 mg ev­ery day, un­less you are on a blood thin­ner.

It is also im­por­tant that you add some weight train­ing to your fit­ness reg­i­men. This will dra­mat­i­cally help heal your slug­gish me­tab­o­lism.

Mak­ing all of these changes and be­ing con­sis­tent with them will help re­verse in­sulin re­sis­tance and PCOD.

Please con­sult your doc­tor be­fore tak­ing any sup­ple­ments and/or start­ing a fit­ness regime.

RASHI CHOWDHARY is a nu­tri­tion­ist, di­a­betes ed­u­ca­tor and cre­ator of The Pro­tein Bake Shop

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